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June 8 2017 at 10:24 PM
Lakebledwhite   (Login slovenia67)

Love em or hate em....absolute top notch performance killing those murdering bastards in London, didn't even put handbrake on the car they were out killing the scum bastards.....absolute professionalism keeping distance backing off and firing, I can't get to sleep without watching that, lad on the floor must have thought his end had come then the cavalry arrived, awesome fucking awesome

RIP to those poor people not so lucky, if I see an elephant washer with a knife threatening I hope I have it in me to park my van on him.

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(Login staffordwhite69)


June 11 2017, 7:03 PM 

Totally agree mate , I think like most of us over the years I've had my ups n downs with dibble , but I've just been reading about a young wpc who stayed with a lad who'd been stabbed 4times , holding his hand and supporting him even though the cowards were still very close by .
As you say they were totally professional once on the seen and undoubtedly saved many lives by taking those scum out quickly . I'm sure if it were up to rank n file bobbies they'd nick all suspected terrorists and have them banged up , however our soppy liberal powers that be prefer to allow this cancer to spread rather than cutting it out early.
Still not the biggest fan of the boys in blue but hats off to them on this occasion .

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