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Up or Down

March 12 2018 at 6:49 PM
RealHarvest  (Login RealHarvest)

Right. That arrow on a lift call button. If it's pointing up are you calling it up or travelling up? Same with down. Fucked if I know. I once wanked in a lift at a hotel in Venice and wiped all the spunk on the buttons.

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(Login slovenia67)

Re: Up or Down

March 12 2018, 9:56 PM 

Arrow is direction of travel, one good thing that has arose out of getting older is the lack of needing to tear the top off it at every available opportunity, the work hours I must have lost over the years just so I can rip the lid off it....when I was a lad the bra section of the catalogue used to cop it....also we had large tips where people used to launch cookers and what not we sometimes found niff mags hidden in appliances....heard of some weirdos trapping their todger between the mattress and bottom bed base laying out some porn and giving the bed one.....happy.gif

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