AoS/Crow crossover fic

by Melanie

Okay people. This is the first part of a story I'm doing and it's definately going to be rated R for violence, cursing, a rape scene, and lots of angst.

In the lands of our world there are things beyond our control. There are forces that we cannot comprehend and battles that have been fought for centuries and will be fought in the centuries to come. The bonds of love are unbreakable and the quest for vengeance that is as old as time itselfÂ…

The blue expanse of ocean swayed with rhythmic flow. It's surface rippling but remaining unchanged. Suddenly, a grasping hand shot upward through the air, breaking the peaceful semblance as violently as his rage broke through the bonds that would silence his grief. It's cold flesh was frozen and near white, but the strange part of it was that a gray bracelet adorned his wrist, once bright and colored it turned as gray as his soul now was. The rest of the body burst through the ocean's suffocating grip as the man gave a long shuddering gasp of fresh air, his body refusing to accept the oblivion once promised.
Unbeknownst to the struggling man a bird soared overhead in lazy circles. It's eyes glaring intently on him. There would be time to train him, to teach him of what happened, of what his duty is. And he would remember it all.
Sinbad and his crew were lounging around the galley of the Nomad. It was a considered day-off for the crew after the countless adventures they braved. The handsome captain relaxed and sprawled his body out to unwind his aching muscles. His blue eyes lazily scanned the room for his friends, Rongar and Doubar engaging in an arm wrestling match, Firouz tinkering with yet another invention, until his gaze finally rested on Maeve.
Sinbad couldn't help feeling his heart race as he saw her. The fiery sorceress did something to his soul that no other had been able to instill inside of him. As if reading his thoughts, Maeve lifted her gaze to his and their eyes locked. Her once obstinate manner melted at his smile and she returned the cocky grin with a demure smile of her own. A silent banter exchanged between them, their eyes speaking volumes of what words could do.
Sinbad approached the beautiful Celt and sat down by her side, brushing her arm as he lowered himself. This brazen move by any other man and the sorceress would immediately send him sprawling, losing his health and a great measure of his dignity, but with Sinbad she welcomed it. The closeness between them was cherished even if it never escalated to what really she felt for him. Although she could never get past her fear to tell him about it.
Sinbad leaned toward her as if to whisper a secret in her ear, when a loud explosion came from the doorway as the strong barrier fell under the force of some unknown intruder. Sinbad tore his gaze from Maeve to have his blue eyes widen in fear at the sight that he saw before them.
Maeve echoed his fear in a quiet whisper, "PiratesÂ…"
Both Sinbad and Maeve reacted instantly; the two rose and began to draw their swords. Sinbad gave a furtive glance at Maeve, which she was grateful for. After all, he was Sinbad. The hero of Baghdad and he always won. They would triumph against these pirates, just like in the children's stories about them. But this wasn't a story, and there aren't always happy endings in real life.

Tell me if you want me to continue.

Posted on Aug 24, 1999, 1:39 AM

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