Here's my fic, AoS/Crow crossover type deals

by Ethereal Prey

So here it is, no, it's not like Melanie's, well it is AoS/Crow related, but not the same way as Mel's anyways read on and tell me what you think, yeah it's rated R, for all the bad stuff that you can't read at the haven. Here goes


The darkness had descended from the heavens, and down upon earth, spreadig itself like a plague. And there standing was a fallen angel. An angel cast out from the heavens, rejected, and denied entrance to the world after, until the wrongs were set right.
The angel looked down upon itself. It's body was cold and clamy. As if it were only a shell, an instrument of what had to be done. The angel looked up at the heavens confused, not sure of what was to be done.
"What am I doing here?"
The sky flashed, and the avatar appeared. It flew down with its magnificant dark wings and perched itself near by the angel. The crow, the messenger beckoned for the angel to come closer. Closer it said, closer. Then will you truly know.
The angel walked closer to the dark bird. It looked into its eyes, and then it happened. A flash of images, too fast, too bright, too much to understand. Overwhelming, too intense.
Flashes of images, of two people happy and in love, walking.
"The Caliph says we can stay here as long as we like" Sinbad said
"That was nice of him to do that" Maeve answered
"Well he says it was the least he could do"
"Come, I want to show you something"
Maeve lead Sinbad around, going up the stairs into a room. The window was wide open.
"You can get a bird's eye view from here" Maeve said
"Dermott might get jealous" Sinbad said
"Maybe" she tilted her head towards him
Sinbad felt this, and he turned to face her. He placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him. He touched her face and pulled it closer to him.
"I love you Maeve"
"I love you too Sinbad"
The two drew closer to a kiss, but were interrupted by a familair cackle.
"How touching! I HATE touching!" Rumina hissed
Flashes, more flashes, more images flooded into the angel's mind. Too much, too much.
You must watch, you must know, you must feel, you must, the avatar said, it is for your own good.
More images, more flashes, more came.
Rumina and Turok managed to capture Sinbad and Maeve. Maeve was being held by Turok, his long black nails diggin into her soft flesh. They dug into her face, bleeding. Sinbad was on the floor, his hands pinned down by magic. He was helpless. Rumina laughed, as she straddled him. She bent down and kissed him.
"Witch!" Maeve yelled out in anger
"You'll get yours soon my dear!" Rumina hissed, "Now as for you" she turned back to face Sinbad, "This can be easy or this can be slow and painful"
Maeve struggled, trying to break free of Turok's iron grip on her. His nails started to rip past her clothes, and into the flesh of her stomach. She stopped.
"Strange" Turok said
Sinbad knew there wasn't much he could do. Rumina leanded down to kiss him again, but he turned his head, and she licked the whole side of his head. It sent shivers down his spine. He turned back and spit in her face. Rumina enraged scratched him across the face.
"You'll die for this witch!" Maeve yelled
"Silence peasant!" Rumina sent a bolt of lightening at Maeve, striking her in the stomach.
"NO!" Maeve cried out in pain
Her magic wasn't strong as Rumina's. And Turok was stronger. She had to break free. The blood, there was so much blood, she couldn't stop it.
"Maeve!" Sinbad yelled out for her
"She carries your child within her sailor" Turok said
"Did" Rumina added
Turok quickly and fiercely dug his nails deep into her stomach, almost ripping the child out from inside her. Maeve fell to the ground, she curled up in a ball, trying to keep it from leaving her.
"No, you can't leave me, you can't" Maeve pleaded while she held her stomach.
Turok laughed. Rumina laughed wickedly. The day was turning out better than she had hoped.
"Maeve! Maeve!" Sinbad called out to her
"Face is Sinbad, your peasant witch has lost your child" Rumina laughed
"No, Maeve! Maeve!" Sinbad yelled
Maeve lay there, helpless, unable to do anything. How pathetic. She lay there in her own pool of blood. She felt it leaving her, ascending to the heavens. She felt it go. She could feel it die inside her, the same way she was dying. She could feel it's tears of sadness, it's pain, it's wounds, the same wounds inflicted by Turok. No! Don't leave! Don't abandon me here! But it was too late. The little heartbeat inside stopped. The life within was no more. The unborn innocent was dead and soon Maeve would be.
"A bird's eye view, that's what you said?" Turok said as he dragged her limp body to the window.
"Let's see if it really is!" Turok said as he flung her out the window.
"NOOOOOOOOO!" Sinbad yelled
Maeve watched the heavens leave her, going farther and farther away. She heard Turok's evil laughter, Rumina's laughter, and Sinbad calling out for her. And then she heard a snap.
Maeve broke free of the avatar's link. Too much, too much, cannot anymore.
*You must! You must know all! You must know!* the avatar said
"Rumina! Turok! You both must die!"
*Yes, yes you must kill them both, for what they did to you, for what they did to your unborn child, for what they did* the avatar said
"Vengence is all I have left, my love is gone, my child as well, for that both must die at my hands. Their blood will wash away the pain"
*Go then!*
Lightening flashed and thunder crashed, the rains poured heavily down onto the earth. The angel walked through the freezing rain to a place that was once familiar. The Caliph's palace.

So tell me what you think or I won't be writing anymore for you to see, well I am still writing, but I won't post it! Wonder who the fallen angel is? Well tell me what you think!

Posted on Aug 24, 1999, 9:52 PM

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