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Official WAFF Rules & Regulations

March 4 2007 at 11:04 AM
SAT.Korsan  (Login SAT.Korsan)

Official WAFF Rules & Regulations

I. Coverage
These rules and regulations govern the main forum and all subforums linked to from WAFF.

II. Description of the Forum
This forum is dedicated to the study of the world's Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Gandermarie, Special Forces and other armed government units alike) which includes their equipment, organization, history, etc. Threads may be started out of these topics but should remain military focused. This is the case for the Main forum. Sub regional forums (Like G&T or M&E) are allowed a bit more latitude regarding non military topics such as cultural, political, economic and historical matters. However, the threads may remain there at the discretion of the owner, administrators and moderators (hereafter collectively called The Management).

III. Participation & Basic Etiquette
People of widely varying nationalities, ages and educational levels visit this forum. Therefore, participants should try to treat each other with dignity and respect. Passionate, heated debate is welcome but messages which descend to especially personal insults, name-calling or similar abuse will be deleted. Participants who routinely abuse other members will be warned. Failure to modify behavior will result in loss of posting privileges. Those who challenge decisions made by The Management will be removed if deemed a nusiance. Constant and frivilous complainers can also lose posting priveleges. We will do our best to maintain members and help problematic members retain membership without a permanent ban.

Membership is abosuletely FREE to all interested. Click here for the steps that need to be taken to become a fellow member of WAFF and start participating in threads.

IV. Disclaimer
This forum exists to facilitate the public exchange of information about the world's Armed Forces. However, The Management of "World's Armed Forces Forum'' website retains the right to delete/lock/edit/moderate any messages or threads deemed inappropriate. We strive to provide the public with our best moderation with limited human and financial resources. The Management can not be held responsible and liable in a court of law, in case the actions of individual members or visitors of this website violate a domestic or international law that requires such a preceeding. Every member is legally responsible for the contents of his or her own messages.

The management of WAFF takes very serious the privacy of it's members. Therefore it is strictly prohibited to share, display or use someones personal information without the consent of the concerned party. Personal information includes, but is not limited to: pictures, e-mail, ip-addresses and any information that can lead to the location of our users. Disregarding these rules is a gross violation of the WAFF Rules and Regulations and will be dealt with by an instant ban and the possible notification of the authorities. The management reserves the right to reveal members IP addresses for maintenance purposes of the forums (comparing dual accounts by matching ip addresses), the upmost care will be taken to protect their privacy.


1. Do NOT start subjects which have already been discussed numerous times within any given month. There is a "Search" function added to each subforum/thread and the user is adviced to take advantage of it.
2. Do NOT post insults, flames (or perceived flames) directed toward other users of WAFF. Family insults are absolutely not tolerated and will be met with an instant warning.
3. Do NOT start threads or post replies containing racist remarks directed at specific members. If you continue to spew racist terms toward members after warnings, you will be removed from your posting privileges. Abbreviated nationalities are not considered racist but members are reminded that some may take offence where others would not so please use common sense when posting.
4. this rule is amended...when posting articles from other sources, as long as you provide a source, you do not have to provide a link..if however, it is discovered that you intentionally have altered the article, you are subject to being warned.

5. Do NOT post any advertisements, promotions, spam, web scripts, hit counters, trojans, spyware and other types of malicious content.
6. Do NOT intentionally click on our sponsors' advertisements. Every now and then we accept ads from Google, Yahoo and a number of other publisher networks to help cover some of the increasing costs of maintaining this message board. Generating invalid clicks is immoral and strictly prohibited.
7. Do NOT argue with the members of The Management. They simply try to enforce the rules listed on this page and maintain a civil and peaceful board for all of us to enjoy. If you are rude/uncivil to the owner or any of the administrators or moderators , you'll be given an instant ban.
8. Do NOT advertise, promote or post links to another message board (of any kind or nationality) without approval by the owner or administrators.
9. Do NOT use too long, unbroken links as they tend to break the HTML tables of the forum and force visitors to scroll horizontally in order to view certain parts of a message. If you think your link will not fit without distorting the forum tables in a screen with 1600x1200 pixel resolution, please use the Hyperlinking (Link) function of the platform and make a keyword point to your link instead.
10. Do NOT post images that are larger than 800x600 pixels. If your image is larger than 800x600 pixels, make it smaller or post a link to it instead. It makes a significant portion of our members scroll and 56K Dial-Up and ISDN users will have no fun enjoying these threads because they will have to wait for the threads to load.
11. Do NOT post more than 100 hot-linked images or videos (with a screen size of 800x600 pixels or less) to the same thread as this slows down the loading of the page to a crawl and makes the forum very hard for our users to enjoy. Consider providing links to that content instead.
12. Do NOT post any images or videos that show dead people.  Absolutely no corpse photos and other gross and inappropriate material.
13. Do NOT post any type of porn or explicit content.
14. Do NOT post anything whatsoever that violates a local, state or federal law in the United States, where the Network 54' servers (WAFF's hosting provider) are located.
15. rescinded.
16. Do NOT impersonate another user. That is, do not use his or her login or nickname or something that closely resembles those.
17. Do NOT sign up with user names that are highly offensive, insulting or flaming towards an individual member.
18. Do NOT open more than 1 (one) account. Clone accounts belonging to known trolls are deleted immediately upon detection, and the user's ban term is doubled.
19. Do NOT post images of animal cruelty. Members are allowed to post links to these images provided they are relevant to the thread and the poster gives ample warning of the content.
20. Do NOT start more than 3 (three) new threads per subforum, per day. In the regional subforums, no more than 2 (two) of the 3 (three) permitted threads per day may be related to nonmilitary topics.
21. Do NOT embed auto-play music into your posts or signatures. This rule will now extend to auto-play videos in threads which can be annoying.

22. Do NOT repeatedly insult a religious leader, god, supreme being. The moderators will abstain from issuing warnings, but will consider deleting posts if there is a complaint from the concerned party. The concerned party is free to present his complaint in the Suggestions and Complaints forum where it will be considered by the moderators so that the proper measures can be taken, if deemed necessary.
The concerned party will abstain from issuing a complaint if the subject of the complaint is insignificant in nature. amended- when too many threads about religious topics clog the subforums, moderators will lock the threads with the least responses and members will consolidate such topics into two religious threads per page.

1. Please DO utilize the "Search" feature before starting a new thread to help avoid discussing the same subjects over and over again.
2. Please DO become a member of one of our national groups rather than remaining a neutral "Member". This will help you par-take in group activities (like voting) and also make things more fun.
3. Please DO respect and follow the guidance of your Group Leader. They tend to be much more wiser and knowledgeable in defense matters than most regular members.
4. Please DO use the Suggestions & Complaints subforum as much as you want to share your much appreciated recommendations or concerns with the rest of us.

VII. Participation of The Management
Posters are reminded that moderators or administrators who par-take in any discussions do so at the expense of their managerial authority. This is to say that they surrender their moderating or administrative powers when they participate/debate in a particular thread and will be regarded as normal posters (unless the situation is deemed critical enough for the said moderator/administrator to act quickly; but justification will have be made). Another administrator/moderator will have to adjudicate that thread if the situation calls for it.

VIII. Signatures
The total pixel-area of a signature (not just a single pic in your sig) may not exceed 800 x 600, these dimensions include both pictures and text. If you want to know how many pixels an image takes, right click on it, go to Properties, and look at the "Dimensions" values. If your signature violates this rule, please resize/change it ASAP. We also ask that you attempt to minimize the vertical space your signature takes up to keep scrolling to a minimum wherever possible.

Also please separate your signature from your posts somehow, the easiest way to do this is to use an HTML tag for horizontal lines (Google the previous five words to see an example).

Signatures may not be used to insult a religious figure. As per rule 22, this would constitute a continuous insult against a religious figure, and would here by be against the rules. Also, No one is to use a signature that insults/flames/degrades any member on this forum, no quotes or misinterpreted suggestions of any kind. Your signature must follow all the rules applying to posts themselves.

IX. Power of Authority
The forum owner, administrators and moderators of WAFF have the final say in what violates one of these rules and what does not. Simply accept the judgement and move on, as non-compliance (explained below) may result in an instant ban. If you believe that the decision of an individual moderator isn't just or even-handed, or think that the said moderator is being impartial in any way, bring the issue to the Suggestions & Complaints subforum.

X. Non-compliance
Errant posters will be warned 3 times before receiving a temporary ban. However, moderators and administrators will use their discretion on this issue befitting the situation. A poster who fails to comply with the rules upon his/her reinstatement will be banned again for a longer period of time and perhaps, permanently in some cases. Though very rarely, we do place troublesome members in a special group called "Imbeciles" to help them get back on track and warn the rest of our community of their continuous abnormal behaviour or insufficient intellect.

Thank you.
The Management

This message has been edited by Faz1 on Jul 15, 2010 7:14 PM

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