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How do I join WAFF?

September 25 2010 at 3:34 PM
Coalde  (Premier Login Faz1)


It's free and easy and we will never share your information!

Step 1: OPEN THIS LINK IN A NEW BROWSER WINDOW OR TAB, fill in the form press the 'Create Account' button.

Step 2: Then login to your new account (...and then come back to this browser window or tab).

Step 3: Click HERE.

Step 4: In the Group Application form, enter your REAL email address.

Step 5: Check the email account you provided and follow the verification links in the TWO emails you should have received. If you have any problems please go HERE.

Everything you need to know about WAFF can be found HERE. We also ask you follow all rules as specified HERE.

Welcome to WAFF, and enjoy!

Please work out any matters you have with warnings or bans with the Moderator responsible...only after this has not worked may you e-mail an Administrator for questions about bans or warnings...

MikePapa1, Administrator, ASIA & PACIFIC and HISTORY & POLITICS
Element7, Administrator, MAIN FORUM and THE DEN
Coalde, Administrator, GREECE & TURKEY and EUROPE & MIDDLE-EAST

Do not e-mail the forum owner about bans...the final determination on bans rests with the administrators.

This message has been edited by Faz1 on Sep 29, 2010 2:30 PM

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