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Re: Wonderful news

November 19 2006 at 7:46 PM
Anonymous  (no login)

Response to Wonderful news

Hello and thank you! As far as I know, I am just at 6 weeks (I used a preganancy wheel calculator) so will be calling around to find an OB/GYN.

More than you asked, but frankly, I was very surprised to learn I was pregnant because I had never given any thoughts to pregnancy at my age and never realized (until just now from reading) that there are women in their fifties who are trying to conceive. My heart goes out to them.

As soon as I suspected, I searched the web for pregnancy over 50, but could only find mention by younger women who were overly critical of anyone past the age of 30 being pregnant! I was stunned by that and when my test showed positive, my thoughts reverted to those posts and I immediately felt shame and began crying, telling my husband that I cannot do this at my age, people will laugh at us and make fun of us. I felt panic, I am certain, as my chest was tight and breathing felt like I was suffocating. He gently held my face in his hands telling me how much he loved me and said, "we will get through this, I am happy!" And he is! I fell asleep knowing that he would be supportive and awoke feeling like a renewed person.

Then I found these forums, and after reading, felt more at ease and definitely more comfortable. I just had no idea that pregnancy happened at my age, I had never read about it like this (my ignorance) and even my doctor has tried to blame medical situations on menopause, but did some test said it was not that afterall. However, he never warned me that I could get pregnant either! Ha!


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