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Wow! (children, DE mentioned)

April 9 2008 at 12:57 PM
Dendera  (Login dendera)

Response to nt

Some people seem to have been hurt by my post. Very sorry - that isn't what I intended. Clearly I didn't express my post very well if people thought I was belittling other methods of achieving their families.

I reckon people are people no matter how they are conceived. Why would anyone think otherwise? I certainly don't. A wanted pregnancy (and child) is always wonderful but I suppose I thought that was so obvious that it didn't need stating. I never implied that anyone's daughter was a 'teabag in a mug'. Good grief! Why would anyone say such a thing? It's the CONTENT of the board that is the teabag in the mug.

At 50 I accept that ANY method of me achieving a 3rd child is probably a long shot. And since I have no interest in having a child that is not genetically mine, I cannot take comfort in the fact that some women over 50 are successful in having children by DE or adoption. I can see it's good for women who have made a different choice and been successful (congratulations!) - it's just not relevant to ME. So for me, the board is missing its mark.

And yes - some people have even less choice than me. But that was also my point. DE is not an option for most of the world. Neither is adoption. Equally, the natural route is not an option for some women. If successes are more likely to occur to the few women who pursue the DE route, then it seems likely that this board will reflect that and not satisfy my wants. So be it.

Good luck and have fun.

And while all the above is true, I don't thing anyone actively wants to have a child by DE. They may be grateful for the option but I don't think anyone relishes the method.

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