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Re: Wow! (children, DE mentioned)

April 11 2008 at 11:03 AM
dendera  (Login dendera)

Response to nt

Thanks for your post.

I'm sorry that you found the last sentence off-putting. But I think it IS true that the vast majority of girls/women who are growing up/young now (and for whom DE is an option) do not automatically think of that method as their first choice. I do not dispute that it may be the best (and fully-embraced option) for a few girls/women. Nor do I dispute that women who have had their children by DE are totally happy with their decision. I'm happy for them.

One reason why I decided to post on this board was because I was hoping to find strong and resilient women who didn't need validation for their choices and could respect other women's choices. I haven't posted on any boards for years. There was a time when I used to post and chat to a small group of acerbic ttc 40+ women regularly and used to enjoy it. I think I just struck lucky then.

I am not expecting this board to focus on ttc by natural means only. I agree it should encompass everyone fulfilling its title (although I personally find parenting stuff boring I accept I don't need to read those posts). My original point was that it was ceasing to be all encompassing and remaining very slow as well. I am happy for women who want and achieve pregnancy at 50+ and think that it's great that this board exists for them to post their journey. But if the only people who post have a journey that is radically different from mine then the board loses its usefulness for me. I suspect that some board visitors won't experience any heartache over that! But maybe other lurkers were being put off from posting for similar reasons: a lack of relevance.

I realise my post and the reaction it provoked has probably put off any like-minded lurkers from posting anyway. That is a pity.

I think it would also be nice to welcome women in their 50s who are pregnant and don't want to be and need a place to talk. But I realise that's not the remit and there seem to be too many raw nerves around for that to be possible.

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