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Saw the High Risk OB

September 25 2008 at 1:40 PM
Kathleen  (Login FLGal)

No, no, I'm NOT pg. But you may remember, I got sort of tired of hearing our RE say things like 'What will the High Risk think of me' or 'They'll think I'm terrible', etc, etc about putting just 2 embryos back.

Well, I saw the HR yesterday. What a Sweetheart!! A grandfatherly sort – probably IS a grandfather. Well, he first went down the list of all the really horrible things that can happen to older pg women: diabetes, hypertension, premature labor, preeclampsia, heart issues, etc. When I didn’t blink, he eased up. My BP was 135/82, and the nurse said ‘Excellent!’ He did say he’d advise only 1 embryo for each cycle (Huh??!!) b/c he’s a bit leery of multiples b/c of my fibroids. He said there is a possibility if you put back 2 embryos and one splits, then you have triplets, and my uterus could rupture. Though I don’t think that’s very likely & he didn’t even know that the fibroid surgeries I had were vaginal – he thought they cut the uterus. I asked RE’s office for the size & location, and maybe we can ease his mind a bit. I don’t know what I’ll tell the RE. The fact is we don’t have TIME to do a bunch of cycles!! I think I’m going to still try for 2 if we get 2 good ones like last time. He did suggest that I ask the REn to test me for HLA antibodies (i.e. I’m allergic to Phil’s sperm), due to my serious allergies. He also said he’d use heparin with me, but I can’t remember why – the MTHR factor or something else? I’d have to get that straight so the RE uses the same protocol. He told me I should get pg & come back – he’ll definitely take me on as a patient! Said I looked like I was in good shape… Well, yeah – you should’ve SEEN the preggos in there – hugely fat!!! Except for 1. It was weird – the office full of preggos and their DHs actually gave me hope. However, I’m not naïve enough to think if the RE puts 2 embryos back, I’ll have triplets for crying out loud!!

His office said they don't do December cycles due to the holiday & wants to do a mid-January one. DH won't be home then, so I've asked about a late-November cycle. Haven't talked to DH since Tuesday, so will have to be sure he's really on board.

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