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Re: That is great news and I'm so jealous about your weight gain..more

March 26 2009 at 3:40 PM
Kathleen  (Login FLGal)

Response to That is great news and I'm so jealous about your weight gain..more


Our next appt, in 6 wks is the Level II U/S. I'm not sure you get the gender that early - it'll be 17wks+. I always thought I wouldn't want to know, but after all these years and $$$s, I do now! I keep calling it a 'he,' so we'll see if my intuition is correct.

I have worked VERY hard to not gain weight. I had gained 25 pounds when I quit smoking 6-7 yrs ago, and gotten about 1/2 of that off, and then gained another 5 pounds or so with all the hormone cocktails from our years of ivf. I also have diabetes on both sides of my family and take that threat very seriously, so was really happy I did so well on the glucose tolerance test!

Living in FL, we pretty much live in bathing suits, so this will be interesting. I'll have to see if I can find an 'ok' maternity one...

Oh, I went to the high risk due to my age. It's still somewhat of an oddity in this area to have babies at this age! But, amazingly, the high risk's attitude was 'Is that your only risk factor? Age?' Since I've been there twice, it's amazing the shape most of these pg women are in. They are HUGE. It's a wonder they even got pg. I really think the nurses and doctor like the 'more mature' ones, as they always compliment me on things that I think are totally common sense.

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