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Oh Boosmom good for you that you got some yoga in...m

August 8 2010 at 11:22 PM
Hope2009  (Login Hope2009)
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Response to Tests

and bill paying...excellent! Which one felt better? Thanks for the run down of the tests you were asked to do...that sounds about right. My clinic is a distance from us though but I'm sure he will want me to come in possibly for a sonohysterogram(sp) as well...but when?

You asked about the letting go and trusting...I'm not worried about the cycle itself...guess I'm just a bit worried that I let things (the weaning) go too long and now will come across some complication that may delay things and prevent my Dr. from moving forward with me...he seemed quite adament about 51 being his deadline and that seems to be quickly approaching.

I do remember though when my fresh cycle ended in a of the things I did to prepare for our upcoming FEt was to just let go and trust...I mean in the end we can do all the yoga, eating well, supplement taking, meditation...etc we want but our little embies are either going to thaw or not...implant or not..and come to earth with us or not....I'm going to start taking my deep breaths and just let go with mantra.

Time will tell and really I'm so very blessed...some days I feel that I'm pushing the limits of the goodness quotion the Universe wants to send me...and then I think...silly girl...the Universe is limitless, just as we are if we allow miracles to happen.

Well...I'd better close so I can get to bed and maybe tomorrow get up early for some sun salutations...with the sun.

Namaste, Hope

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