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Oh Rowan you are getting so close....m

November 6 2010 at 3:50 PM
Hope2009  (Login Hope2009)
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Response to sorry for my lack of correspondence

I"ve had one baby at 36 wks and 3 others at 38 if you gestate fast like me your babe is just around the corner.

Transverse, dear friend recently was able to get her baby to turn...although she was in a posterior position so here little head was down...just facing the wrong way. She went to her acupuncturist/TCM Dr. and they performed some techniques which worked.

Also I have heard that there are some yoga positions that can help settle a baby into the birthing you have any yogis who teach prenatal classes in your area...maybe they can come to the hopstial and visit you?

As you speak about the uncomfortable part of being takes me right back to my last month with our little guy who was almost 10 pounds...I hurt so much under my ribs that I would cry and forget about sleep...more than an hour at a time was all I got due to the pain...and when the rib pain wasn't unbearable he was bouncing off my bladder which was really painful.

The great news was that he was so big that I think he just propelled himself out of my uterus when he was ready...and my labour was so quick and lovely...well intense but powerful as I felt he was helping me get him into the world.

Start visualizing your little one turning head down...while you are in the cat/dog yoga pose...allowing some gravity and room for your little one to move may help.

In the meantime I will send lots of peaceful...happy birthing position energy your way...our babies and our bodies know just what to and enjoy...even the uncomfortable parts...I thought our last little one was going to be our last and so that is how I got through the end..I wanted to be joyfilled over even the pain and uncomfort for I knew it would never come again..surprise! The Universe had other plans.

Love and light from Hope (write when you can)

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