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I have kids with ALL sorts of interesting things in their rooms...m

January 14 2011 at 10:10 PM
Hope2009  (Login Hope2009)
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as you know...we had Will when Grace was 61/2 years old so by the time that he was cruising the house to keep him safe and keep her happy we asked her to keep her polly pockets...very tiny accessories and her Barbie toys in her long as her door is closed he still can't open her door and he's 18 months old.

Harrison was 101/2 when Will was born and still into lego..and for his birthday this year one of his gifts was a marble maze that had over 500 pieces so when he was constucting this very complex toy he also had to keep it in his bedroom and his door closed.

I know we have had had a few close calls when doors haven't been closed...Will got into his older brothers 18 and messed with his notebook computer on his desk and the mouse...and also got into his lip for Christmas Will's exchange sibling gift was to this older brother...a new mouse and some Burt's bees lip balm.

Our family room is full of Will's toys and his castle tent...we have a wicker coffee table that is like a big trunk and we put toys with more pieces in there....we pull these out to keep things fresh...blocks, puzzels, dinosaurs, etc...and then on either side of our fireplace we have 6 foot bookcases and the base is full of toys behind closed doors....we do have the older boys xbox games and guitar hero..rock band instruments in one of the shelves but I'VE JUST put a little baby proof clip on the handles so he can't7 access this cupboard...if he does get in he loves to pretend he's playing xbox with the controls...really cute but expensive if they get broken.

Anyway...having a baby in a house with older kids is really easy...I do remember it being a lot harder when you have kids that are closer in age b/c the toddler and baby alwasys was sliming...that was the word my kids used..their toys...which were often in the family room too along with the baby's easier when they are older...and chances are by the time your little one...ones arrive your older son will have put his lego up and will probably be into computer games, hand held play station type games more...even Grace has a Nintendo DSI exl...and she is playing dolls less and less...reading too...and the drawing is an issue as she likes to draw on the kitchen table with all her we have had a few issues until I finally got Will his own felts...and I just put him in his highchair with a piece of paper and a few pens ....or now he's into playdoh...whenever she is drawing. all works out and I'm sure your son will be more than happy to be accomodating once his little brother or sister this age you can really reason with them but if you had a 3 or 4 year old they just get annoyed and mad at little busy hands getting on their stuff.

I also used to be really sad that Grace and Harrison were so much older than Will...but they have enjoyed playing with some of his cool toys....I think it allowed them to be kids longer...Harrison builds Duplo castles with Will's blocks...and tonight Grace was racing Will on his fire engine...while she was on his other ride on car tonight....up and down the hall while I made dinner...then they went into his new castle tent and played a long time with a flash light...she's teaching him a lot about pretend which I think is really great.

Anyway...there is a glimpse into having a baby in the house with older kids....and you know another cool thing is that when I took Will to watch Harrison's grade6 basket ball game the other night...quite a few of the kids gathered around Will after wards and they were asking Harrison what sorts of things his little brother does and says...many were either only children or had a sibling close in age so they didn't have the experience of having a baby in the house...of course Harrison just loves his brother and is so proud of him so he was happy to share him with was so cute as we left Will reached up to hold Harrison's hand as we walked to the car...they are going to have wonderful memories growing up despite their age difference.

Hold the vision Kekona....2011 is going to be a great year for your family.

Blessings from Hope

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