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aw, that's really tough

January 26 2011 at 8:43 AM
Kekona  (Login Kekona)

Response to update - a bit of limbo

Yofi, what is the risk that dc#2 would also have a touch of ASD? Do the drs think this is a genetic situation or a fluke? I know that at least in some cases, there is a high chance of #2 having autism, too, and I do know families who experience this.

OTOH, can you replicate the therapy ds received in CA? Is there hard evidence that the therapy has lasting results? I know you must have looked for good therapies near your home. Does ds qualify for anything through your state or insurance? I have a friend whose 16yo ds was damaged by a traumatic birth, and his insurance and the state covered his many therapies -- speech, occupational, physical, even horseback. BTW, he is a prodigy and plays in the orchestra every summer at Aspen and attends one of the very top public arts high schools in the nation.

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