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BIG u/s is tomorrow morning....20 wk scan to check on anatomy and twins...m

January 26 2011 at 8:13 PM
Hope2009  (Login Hope2009)
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Last night I had a dream that we found out we were having boys....then a week ago I had a dream that we were having the dream we even named them Anna and Elise...where in the world those names came from I have no idea...they aren't on my list at all. Isn't it too funny how our unconscious mind works hey?

Obviously the whole finding out gender thing is on my mind, still on the mind travels through all the various scenarios...will I see the private parts on the screen, will she ask me do you want to know?...and I will yes...or put it in a envelope.

But you know me by now...what keeps playing over and over in my mind is how blessed I feel to have these babies finally with me, I pray they are both well, I pray I can keep them growing until they are ready to be born, I pray they are healthy.

The package they have chosen as their "earth suit" isn't so important to me....but still a part of me would like to plan...and then that part of me that says...let go and trust...wants to wait to meet them on the big day.

I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon how things turn out...just praying that we will see both of them moving and growing. Thanks for listening to my latest obsession.

Oh and the latest around here...something is always happening..last night it was our 15year old's birthday...and tonight our DS Clark who is in grade 12 ...and 18 is celebrating his 1 year anniversay with his girlfriend...they are going out to dinner and the movie's...kind of exciting when you see your kids celebrating such things....he is turning out to be such a nice gentleman...opens the door for her and helps her with her coat etc. There are days when I wonder if we are bringing these kids up with good values...but then times like now I know this is working out okay.

Thanks for listening to a piece of my life.

Blessings from Hope

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