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Hi Hope....more

May 12 2011 at 8:05 PM
Shamrock  (Login ishamrockgirl)

Response to Shamrock....m

Isn't it great that your MB is big enough to build a wall eventually for the girls room. Yes, I love the nesting part too. I didn't get to do a lot of that before DD was born as I went in for a check at 7.5 months, because I thought I coughed too hard and broke my water. Doc says I have good news and bad news. the good news is your water didn't break. The bad news is that we did routine bloodwork and you have pre-eclampsia. What????? I felt good, no problems up to that point. Doc says "you can't go home, here's a gown, I'm admitting you. You;ll have to deliver". WTF?? As an RN I said nope, call my peri, I want to talk to him. You can keep me for a bit, but I'm not delivering at 28 weeks, no way. Drug me, keep me, but I am not delivering without steroids and a dam- good reason. lol. I was pleasant wasn't I? happy.gif
So, the part where I have a fully done nursery didn't happen for me. We did it after she was born at 30+3 days. My precious peanut was 2.5 pounds at birth. She was a baby who know her own mind and was having things her way from day one. Hey, she reminds me of me. lol It all turned out great and she is 4 now, Hard to believe. I always wonder if I do have another baby, if I would deliver early or even earlier next time, but I realize I can't live in fear of what may happen.
I hope that you can get the pics up, as I would love to see your show and tell!
Bathing my DD right now and she is playing in the bath with her light up little mermaid. Time to get her out, get her ready for bed, give her her bedtime snack and glass of milk, brush her teeth, read her a story or two and bedtime. Then back to studying like mad for AM exam.
Two little girls are soon to make their appearance in your world. More kids, more love I say!
Glad to hear all is well in your world. I wish we heard from Mooi. My curiosity is killing me! Wonder if Kacee will have boys or girls of one of each.exciting huh?

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