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Thought of you last night Hope.

August 2 2012 at 12:39 AM
Raindrops1  (Login Raindrops1)

Response to Hi Hope.

Before I went to sleep I reminded myself to try and remember my dreams. I was hoping for something interesting. Well it wasn't very exciting but very telling. I dreampt my daycare was increasing its rates by $25 per week. I calculated in my dream about $100 per month and realized this was a big increase over a year. And then I went to look at other daycares and only my current daycare would work for me as I only trust them with my baby. So I decided to go ahead and pay the additional cost. happy.gif

I guess this means I really like my daycare, which is true I do.

It's fun to try and figure out the meanings of dreams. You just have to remind yourself to remember the dream.

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