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How to Use this Forum View hreadSolitaire on Apr 29
   Lesson Topics and InstructionsSolitaire on Apr 29
      A. GETTING STARTEDSolitaire on Jun 14
         1- PRINT statements and variable assignmentsSolitaire on Jun 14
         2- INPUT statements and string concatenationSolitaire on Jun 14
         * 3 - Variable types & declarationsSolitaire on Jun 14
         * 4- Type conversionSolitaire on Jun 14
         * 5- Operators & expressionsSolitaire on Jun 14
         * 6- The user interfaceSolitaire on Jun 14
      B. BASIC STRUCTURE BLOCKSSolitaire on Jun 14
      C. STANDARD FUNCTIONSSolitaire on Jun 14
      D. ALTERNATE INPUTS & DISPLAYSSolitaire on Jun 14
      E. ARRAYS & DATASolitaire on Jun 14
      F. SUBPROGRAMSSolitaire on Jun 14
      G. SEQUENTIAL FILE HANDLINGSolitaire on Jun 14
      H. SPECIAL EFFECTSSolitaire on Jun 14
   Projects and Lab ProblemsSolitaire on Apr 29
      Getting Started: 1- COPYVAR lab problemSolitaire on Sep 21
Dice game project View hreadSolitaire on Apr 30
   *I'll get on to itAndy Booth on May 1
Assignments for Andy Booth View hreadSolitaire on Apr 27
   HiAndy Booth on Apr 28
   I fell stupid again!!!Andy Booth on Apr 29
      The code I emailed to you works perfectly.Solitaire on Apr 29
         *I copied yours!!!Andy Booth on Apr 29
            So does it work?Solitaire on Apr 29
               Well..Andy Booth on Apr 30
                  I suspect you have a corrupted version of QBasic.Solitaire on Apr 30
                     Not the problemAndy Booth on Apr 30
                        Here is the corrected code.Solitaire on Apr 30
                           Thanks!Andy Booth on Apr 30

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