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How to Use this Forum

April 29 2004 at 10:21 AM
Solitaire  (Login Solitaire1)

This forum was specially created to assist newbies who would like to learn QBasic on their own, or to supplement course instruction they may be getting in school. The headmaster is Solitaire1 (known as Solitaire on the main QBasic forum). Other instructors/mentors may be appointed to participate in this forum at a later date.

There are two read-only threads prepared by Solitaire - one containing topics and instructions, one containing lab projects and problems. They are not in any particular order. If it's available, refer to the lesson/instructions if you need help with a particular topic before starting to work on a problem. More material will be added as time goes by.

If you would like to work on one of the problems, then start a new thread with your name and the topic in the title. Inside, state which problem you are working on and post your code along with any questions. A mentor will see your post and comment on it. You may also be given a new assignment which you may accept, or select a different problem to work on.

As new mentors join this forum, each may start a new thread with his or her own topic lessons and lab problems. Mentors are also invited to respond to questions by students, even if the problem was started in another thread.

In order to prevent new students from seeing solutions worked out previously by other students, those posts may be edited or deleted.

Please read additional general instructions in the header threads for "Lesson Topics & Instructions" and "Projects & Lab Problems."

------------------ Solitaire's Credentials --------------------------------

- Master of Science degree in "Computers in Education"
- 30 credits above the Masters degree
- 26 years experience as a public elementary-school teacher
- 8 years experience teaching computer science and programming courses part-time at the college level.
- Taught programming courses at the college using QBasic ("Introduction to Programming"), Visual Basic 5 & 6 (beginner level); currently: Visual Basic.NET and C#.NET (beginner level). Devised curriculum for the "Introduction to Programming" course for the school.
- Also have some familiarity with Turbo Pascal for DOS, Turbo C/C++ for DOS, LogoWriter, GWBasic.
- Published monthly articles in my computer users' group newsletter for over 12 years.

Note: Main area of expertise is in education, not in computer science as there was no such thing when I was an undergraduate college student. Most of my computer and programming knowledge is self-taught.

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Lesson Topics and InstructionsSolitaire on Apr 29
   A. GETTING STARTEDSolitaire on Jun 14
      1- PRINT statements and variable assignmentsSolitaire on Jun 14
      2- INPUT statements and string concatenationSolitaire on Jun 14
      * 3 - Variable types & declarationsSolitaire on Jun 14
      * 4- Type conversionSolitaire on Jun 14
      * 5- Operators & expressionsSolitaire on Jun 14
      * 6- The user interfaceSolitaire on Jun 14
   B. BASIC STRUCTURE BLOCKSSolitaire on Jun 14
   C. STANDARD FUNCTIONSSolitaire on Jun 14
   D. ALTERNATE INPUTS & DISPLAYSSolitaire on Jun 14
   E. ARRAYS & DATASolitaire on Jun 14
   F. SUBPROGRAMSSolitaire on Jun 14
   H. SPECIAL EFFECTSSolitaire on Jun 14
Projects and Lab ProblemsSolitaire on Apr 29
   Getting Started: 1- COPYVAR lab problemSolitaire on Sep 21
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