That Ref was terrible! He called too many (or not enough) penalties!

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Welcome to the WHL Fan and Official Complaint Forum. After being established as a much needed avenue for WHL fans to spout their distaste with other teams fans and WHL on-ice officials, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our subject matter to include all areas of whinery under the WHL umbrella. Please feel free to whine, I mean, vent, about how Everett cheats because of either (a) too many overagers, (b) tight checking style. As well as, how much other teams' coachs whine about (a) refereeing, (b) the opposition. Also, don't forget to sound off on, how poor your teams management is, how dirty Kelowna plays, how Brent Sutter bribes officials, or any other injustice, percieved or real, that you can think up with regards to the WHL or life in general. And please, please, throw in your two cents with regards to the "Kelowna Refing Conspiracy" as apparently, according to Tri-Cities and Everett fans and coaches, the WHL has fixed the officiating so that Kelowna can make it to the Memorial Cup, because apparently the league office did not get the memo that the Rockets have an automatic birth as host, so they feel it is their responsibility to ensure such, which is pretty good of them really. Also worth mentioning, our honorary chair for this month is Everett Silver Traps coach Kevin Constantine, who publicized the "Kelowna Refing Conspiracy" in a Seattle news paper, costing him $500. Thank you Kevin. The only rule here is make sure all your posts are whining in nature. Please no real constructive discussion with regards to hockey, WHL or otherwise, I am sure you all will have no problem with that, you seem to be quite sufficient at it on other boards. No, this is not a joke, it is serious, whiners have rights too you know! They do! Do so! No you are a sissy pants! I know you are but what am I? Enjoy, and play nice. Or not, then their be more to whine about. Thanks - Management
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    2. Matsouka,Pat Smith,Al Smith,Savage,Mclean...DO WE HAVE A GOOD REF IN THE LEAGUE! - Anonymous on Nov 18, 9:33 PM
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    2. Tigers Fans. Oh what a good debate we have going on here - Rebel Watcher on Apr 25, 3:36 PM
      1. Oh yeah, (obligitory) the ref was crap on Friday too. Disallowed a good Rebels goal - Rebel Watcher on Apr 25, 3:38 PM
        1. I agree it was a nice goal! n/m - Kris on Apr 25, 5:43 PM
          1. Grow Up Kris! nm - Babysitter on Apr 25, 6:02 PM
    3. TIGERS - Anonymous on May 17, 11:00 PM
      1. Re: TIGERS - castoff on Oct 17, 8:33 PM
      2. you obviously haven't been to our arena....3900 are season ticket holders!!! - Anonymous on Nov 18, 9:31 PM
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That teams' fans are horrible! They called me names!