Reptile and Maddgamer ARE different people.. unless ive been duped!

by Geezer


Def' not Reptile, i know.

Last week i decided to try and liven things up a bit, so i started to email people who used to frequent this forum, reptile was one of em.

i sent him this mail (actually i sent everyone the same mail):

Hiya Rep'

Just inviting you back to the forum over at Network54, its about time this thing heated up again and im just emailing once regular users to ask them to return... even if its just to say hi then disapear again. Now the DC is on a steady decline from greatness - ish the arguments are about the 'what happens now' scenario, everyone is specualting about which system will win th upcoming war.

Anyway - just wanted to let you know that if you want to come back your very welcome.

Lee B (Aka: Geezer)

Well, this is the reply i got back from him:

Thanks, but no thanks. I think the X-Box should win the war, that
doesn't mean it will. Corrupted shit industry thanks to corrupted shit
society, talkin in a forum is a waste of my time. Bye,

...errrrm, ok! Looks like he's had enough of talking about games (if thats the case then why is he still going by the name of Rep?). And by the looks of it he's pissed at something! Anyway - just thought id point out the fact that Maddgamer and Reptile are different people.


Posted on Jun 25, 2001, 1:06 AM

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