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December 12 2008 at 11:16 PM
Charles Platt  (Login cplatt)
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Response to My Point


Thanks for the specifics. Since you don't like being called "Rat" how about "Mr. Rat"? I only started calling you Rat after you started calling me Platt, you know. Now:

"Cindi Felix - nonmember - sued Alcor" True. Personally I think she had an excellent reason for doing so, but, fair enough, that's 1.

"Larry Johnson - was a nonmember up until a month before his SI article was released." Johnson pledged to become a member but, so far as I know, he never did. So, that's 2.

"Tim Reeves - nonmember - borrowed some Alcor member to open a sports bar." Yep. That's 3.

"The mechnanic (can think of his name) he worked on the transport vehicle) - nonmember - he went out in a blaze of glory as well."

You mean Tim Carney. No, he never created problems at Alcor. He was angry about the way he felt Cindy Felix had been treated, so he wrote a single letter of complaint. Consequently he was told never to darken Alcor's door again.

Now, what about the people who WERE members?

Fred Chamberlain. Not just a member, but a cofounder. Removed from the staff after a huge uproar about allegedly misused funds (which Fred denied). Far too complicated to summarize here.

Linda Chamberlain. Left with Fred. There was so much bad blood, these cofounders of Alcor went and joined CI.

Carlos Mondragon. Voted out of office after multiple disparate allegations, not all of which were made public.

Mike Darwin. Either a victim of character assassination, or a significant liability, depending on who you listen to.

Bob Newport. Onetime medical advisor, but not anymore.

David Shipman and Carla Steen. Both worked at Alcor. Shipman sued Alcor on Steen's behalf after they quit.

I could go on. True, the person who caused the biggest problems was a nonmember, but my point is, if you feel the organization should "play safe" by only hiring members, history suggests that you may be disappointed.

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