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We're getting slamed hard

January 30 2009 at 8:08 PM
DesertRat  (Login DesertRatII)
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More interesting posts from the anticult forum. Heck, now they are even including poor Rudi Hoffman in the mix. What is the world coming too? Where is Alcor's new CEO during a time like this? Oh Jennifer Chapman, please report to your office. Quick, someone check the local salon, maybe she's getting her nails done.


"Its interesting if one runs Alcor through various criteria of cult-like unsafe groups and companies.
For instance, the Warning Signs at this link. [www.rickross.com]

Alcor does appear to meet most of the unsafe group warning sign criteria, by what has been shown so far.
It would be interesting to run Alcor through other unsafe group criteria, and see how they add up.

Alcor is very authoritarian, as can be seen in various reports. They work to influence people to hand over all rights to their dead body, life insurance and estate.
They use pressure and fear tactics to recruit and sign people up, and then keep them.
They talk a lot about seperating people from family members and spouses who don't approve. (their solution is to give Alcor all the rights to your corpse and money).

There are a number of arrogant charismatic leaders, who reject scientific and ethical criticism, and reject the scientific consensus against cryonics.
They are very secretive, and are a self-selected, self-perpetuating board.
They exercise massive control over employees and members, as they seem to own the rights to their dead bodies, and they can revoke "eternal life" from a true believer at their whim.
They are very active in recruiting new members, using complex tactics, and are extremely money oriented, as seen in the complex financial arrangements they create.
They use a barrage of pseudoscience to confuse people, when in reality there is zero scientific justification for what they are doing.

There is a financial salesman named Rudi Hoffman who does complex financial deals around cryonics and Alcor. There are hundreds of links of him and Alcor.

There is also some info, that Alcor has paid the life insurance premiums for some of its employees, while also being the beneficiary of the same life insurance plan. Think about that. How many companies are the beneficiary for their employees life insurance plan? So if an employee dies, the company gets a huge life insurance pay-out. They also get their employees corpse.

Notice also a link here, where a person (Thomas Kirschner) had his Alcor contract CANCELLED without notice, even though Alcor was still the beneficiary.
"How I lost my membership at Alcor" [www.cryonet.org]

Notice how Alcor just cuts people off from "eternal life", and seems to use this as a threat, and uses fear and other emotional tactics on their own members?

Its obvious what happened here. They wanted to cut-off foreign insurance policies, and instead force those non-USA folks to PAY CASH UP FRONT.
(they are not concerned how they are going to move a dead corpse across the ocean, and the damage that will cause).
These folks are completely ruthless how they CANCEL this guys "eternal life" without any notice at all. (obviously, that is a SHOCK and SCARE tactic to get paid up front to get some cash-flow).

Does any reasonable person think these folks are going to keep the freezers on, when the person is dead, and all the money is collected and spent? A dead person has NO legal rights, and there is no external oversight. Once you are dead, and they have the money, its game over. No friend or family member can come in there are make sure you are even still in a freezer, you could be cremated a month after you are dead and the insurance checks have cleared.

One assumes it would be completely legal to send some bodies out for cremation, or dissolve the body on-site chemically, as its their dead body now, not yours, as you no longer exist. And no one would ever know if that was being done.

Possibly the only person who could do anything about this, would be the local coroner or Medical Examiner?
Its unbelievable that it seems anyone can hang human corpses and heads 4-deep in freezers, with no oversight?"

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