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The Value of Cold Filter

February 4 2009 at 1:08 AM
Finance Department  (Login Finance_Department)
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Response to Re: We’re getting slammed hard


Mathew, CF is not going to go away just because you and a few anal-retentives in cryo org management think it is a threat to their superiority.

As to any threat to the public, CF is largely under the radar. The last I checked, it isn't googleable even to the extent that people's "blogs" are. Anybody has to dig really deep to even find a reference to an obscure Network54 forum. And if they do that, D*g bless 'em. I think that anyone has the right to know what is really going on. Especially people who join up with cryo orgs. I could say more on that here, but won't. But if you think people should not know, tell us why!

Trouble is - the people who object to the free and open discussion on CF, are largely the same people who are in charge of the information flow at their cryo orgs, and stifle it to the best of their abilities.

And sometimes we just gotta have fun. Maybe some newbies like to have fun too, and could see that we are real people, not nerds with pinecones up our BLEEPs like the "reasonable number of people involved in cryonics" you mention who allegedly think CF has a "bad reputation". You are obviously not talking to the same people I sometimes do, who are cheering us on to bring some sunlight into the dark caverns of cryonics orgs.

Think it through again, Mathew. And tell your big boss to do it also.



P.S. Ask your little boss what she is doing to get you cryonics care if you are in a hospital in Ohio. Well, or even in Florida! Let us know in detail here; we love details! What are you allowed/not allowed to do about that there, as a paid employee in an ever-shrinking economy? FD

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