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We can't depend exclusively on professionals

February 8 2009 at 12:21 PM
Jordan Sparks  (Login jordansparks)
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Melody, you can insist all you want that we exclusively use professionals, but it's simply not practical.

1. The professional would also need to learn cryonics. It is rare to have a professional such as yourself be interested in cryonics. You can't possibly take a perfusionist who has no interest in cryonics and expect them to invest the time and energy necessary to learn cryonics. There's much more to cryonics than perfusion. The learning curve goes both ways, you know. A hired professional would have to actually be motivated to improve the situation. This is extremely unlikely. If we try to depend exclusively on professionals to do cryonics, we are much more likely to end up with more Larry Johnsons. It's just too big of a reality shift for an outsider to absorb.

2. We can't generally afford professionals. Not when those same professionals can easily get good paying jobs in traditional health care. Health care is subsidized by the government. We can't match that level of spending.

3. Professionals need to come from within the cryonics community. Because we can't usually hire external help, we need to look within our own ranks for the skills needed. There are few now, but the numbers will gradually grow. Remember that they not only need to be professionals, but they also need to be willing to relocate, change their lifestyles, etc.

4. There are few professionals within our ranks who are willing to get involved. Mike certainly qualifies as a professional, having worked in a hospital setting his entire life in areas that are intentionally very similar to cryonics. Yes, a veterinarian could also be classified as a professional after a certain amount of cross training and experience. But even these kinds of "professionals" are infrequent in cryonics. We do the best we can with the very few professionals we have.

5. Lacking professionals, the best option is to use enthusiastic non-professionals. This is what Alcor and CI do. These non-professionals are very intelligent and have spent many years trying to learn the necessary skills. It's not an ideal situation, but it's the best we can do.

However, some of your biggest objections have been the SA staff. I think everyone agrees that this is the worst of both worlds. They do not fit my criteria for acceptable staff. They do not come from within cryonics, and neither are they professionals.

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