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The simplest explanation is usually the right one

February 11 2009 at 2:42 AM
Mike Darwin  (Login mgdarwin)
Veteran Member

Response to ...and Cover-ups

Desert Rat writes:

"Recently where were reports in the case of a cryo patient ( CI-81) that unqualified blue-collar workers performed medical procedure (perfusion) causing to a cryo patient serious damages of overpressurization (and possibly embolism), along with a failure to use heparin."

I have not reviewed this case report carefully - so, I can't comment on the specifics. One problem with these kinds of case reports is that they do not provide the kind of documentation needed to be definitive; no central venous pressure or cm of fall from the groin wound to the venous reservoir, no details of the circuit, no photographs or videography and so on. These deficiencies in and of themselves should be cause for concern.

I would also note that the remarks quoted above contain what I know to be an incorrect statement, namely that 'unqualified blue-collar workers' performed the procedure. I have met and am familiar with the CVs of all of the personnel who were on that case and none of them can be characterized as blue collar workers. Blue collar workers are 'wage earners whose jobs are performed in work clothes and often involve manual labor.' I don't dispute that that they were very likely not qualified to carry out the procedure, but they are not blue collar workers.

The problems with the quoted material above are that an opinion based on Ms. Maxim's interpretation of the case report is presented as a fact. This is all too common on Cold Filter as is the use of inaccurate or deceptive characterizations such as describing the (then) SA personnel as blue collar workers. The problem with these kinds of sloppy or outright false remarks is that they degrade or even destroy the credibility of the legitimate criticisms that appear here. There is no shortage of technical gaffes and plain bad treatment of members and patients in cryonics; particularly recently at Alcor. So, why gild the lily or make up bad acts out of whole cloth?

As someone else remarked to me recently, 'On CF, if you repeat an opinion as a fact often enough it becomes both a fact and a part of history.' In looking over some of the threads here I have to concur. And, that's a pity, because mixed in with the wild speculation and outright falsehoods are legitimate issues of enormous importance that will likely go unaddressed.

Sometimes I know the back story where elaborate conspiracy schemes or accusations of cover-up are put forward here and I have to shake my head and laugh. Mostly, the reality is that simple stupidity or indifference is the cause of seemingly sinister events. If there were serious errors made in this CI case it would be amazing to me if anyone still employed at SA was going to acknowledge them. In fact, based on my experiences there in 2006, I'd be surprised if the personnel who performed the procedure would have any way of knowing (in many instances) what constituted a serious error let alone that it had occurred.

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