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Platt and Alcor's Readiness

March 12 2009 at 5:50 AM
Melody Maxim  (Login melmax)
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Response to readiness

Platt: "Iskander says, somewhat scornfully and with a slight aftertaste of sour grapes: "Like you can't do this in a regular office?"

Well sure you can, but apparently, no one did. I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that."

Alcor has been offering standby for how many years, now? Is Platt putting forth that no one has ever "track(ed) and monitor(ed) capability and (potential) cases" in all that time? Didn't Platt used to be in a position of power at Alcor?

Regina Pancake has been the "Readiness Coordinator," at Alcor, for more than a year now. I think Regina is probably a capable person with a "get it done" attitude, though she has the same handicap most cryo-employees have, that of not being very familiar with some of the medical procedures used in cryonics, (something I believe she readily admits). I'm sure she's learning as much as she can, as fast as she can, but who is teaching her? Chapman? Platt? Someone else who has little-to-no clinical experience with perfusion procedures, (the basis of washout and vitrification procedures)? Is Platt telling us Regina, who according to her bio on Alcor's site, "heads Alcor's readiness capability," (and I believe her bio has stated that, for quite some time), failed to do those things over the past year? Maybe he is. Regina wasn't a big fan of some of his contraptions, as I recall, so he may not as appreciative of her as others.

I agree with Iskander. The Alcor announcement of a "readiness room" was just more "feel good" nonsense. Platt, (sarcastically?), remarks that Iskander wouldn't know about Alcor's failure to complete even the most basic readiness tasks over a course of at least a couple of decades, but how does Platt know? Is he involved in setting up the new "readiness room"? Is he involved in revising Alcor's standby kits? How many consulting hours has he clocked, due to Kent's increased involvement in Alcor? Just curious.

Who is training Mr. Drake? Platt? Harris? Darwin? That gang of "cryonics professionals" at SA? (Most of them are only "professionals" by virtue of their paychecks, and know little about the science or medical procedures related to cryonics.)

Platt used to be extremely critical of Alcor, so it's funny to see him supportive of that organization, now. I think his defense of their recent news of the "readiness room" probably indicates that he is somehow involved, just as I expected. Where Kent goes, Platt usually follows.

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