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A Little Bedtime Story for Jordan Sparks

July 2 2009 at 8:55 PM
Melody Maxim  (Login melmax)
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Response to Jordan's Response to my Questions

Once upon a time, Chuck sent Sammy what was supposed to be a private email, in which a lot of false statements were made about a former co-worker, Maggie. (That's libel, in case Jordan doesn't recognize it.) Poor Sammy, believing his friend to be telling the truth, published those statements on Cold Filter. Maggie sent that rascal, Chuck, a fairly nasty letter, stating she had had it with his crap, and threatening to sue him, if he did not retract and apologize. Then, Maggie went on a family holiday vacation, and forgot all about it, for the time-being.

When she returned home from her holiday, to her surprise, Maggie had a message from Chuck's attorney, Mr. R., whom she called as soon as she could stop laughing. As she told Mr. R., she hadn't really expected poor Chuck to have to pay an attorney, all she wanted was for him to correct the false statements he had made, because they could be damaging to her career. They set about negotiating the corrective statement that would later be published on two Internet sites. Now, Maggie, could have been really nasty, and run up a pretty hefty legal bill, for Chuck, by taking her time and nit-picking about the wording of the agreement. As Mr. R. told her, when she told him how upset she was to have those lies told about her work, "If it makes you feel any better, I'm a REALLY expensive attorney." Instead, Maggie let a few little things slide, and was satisfied that the lies that had been told about her work were corrected, (at least those she knew about). It didn't occur to Maggie to ask Chuck to put, "I've libeled Maggie," in the statement, because Maggie thought anyone with half a brain would realize that no one pays a very expensive attorney a lot of money, and humiliates himself in front of his peers, if he didn't do what he was being accused of, (that being LIBEL, Jordan).

Though there were some future minor setbacks, such as Chuck offering to answer the questions of others, regarding some of Maggie's accusations against their former employer, privately, which led Maggie to worry that information might be less than accurate. When that happened, another of Chuck's well-intentioned friends, not being aware of the evidence Maggie kept in her possession, stepped up to defend his friend. "Your accusation of libel certainly does not make him guilty of libel," James shrieked, not being aware of certain evidence Maggie kept in her possession that would prove her accusations of libel.

Amazingly, they all eventually learned to play nice, together. The former employer answered all of Maggie's questions and initiated a policy of total transparency. Medical professionals took over the world of cryonics. Chuck wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, James discovered a new toothcare product that made dentists obsolete, Maggie disappeared into the rainforests of the Caribbean, and they all lived happily-ever-after.

(Okay, that last paragraph was a fairytale, but the rest of the story is true, whether Jordan wants to believe it, or not. Only the names have been changed.)

Nitey-nite, Jordan.

(For anyone who thinks I'm having fun, I'm not. I'm just trying to find a "playful" way to convince Jordan he doesn't know what he's talking about. I doubt if *Chuck,* or the moderator, are enjoying this thread anymore than I am. If someone, (other than Jordan), has been offended, I apologize, but I'll be damned if I'll have Jordan come here and call me a liar. If I was lying, that would make ME guilty of libel, and I can assure you that is not the case.)

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