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July 26 2009 at 2:10 AM
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Response to Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

U sed "I'm going to argue that, currently, your "plan for the future" is no better than mine."

Wel Mel, I do see a coupla differences.

But first, I might have misread your prior post where it sounded like you made a rather firm affirmation for cremation for yourself, not qualified by what year or decade your need for bodily disposal might occur in.

But if you only meant what might happen by some accident or whatever, as presumably you are now in good health as am I, I might see you doing that, as the chances of your getting any kind of quality cryopreservation after an accident are probably much closer to zero than if you already know you are going to go, and can plan in detail for it. For similar reasons, neither of us are currently signed up.

That might have been one of the coupla. Here, though is the other one fer sure.

The Potvin Factor. If you do decide some years down the pike to sign up, everyone at that cryo org will certainly know your background here on CF. If I decide to, no one will know the difference, as my anonymity is intact.

What "Factor"? ok .. there was once someone by that name who made irrational and annoying posts into the cryonosphere, so annoying in fact, that the story goes that someone from Alcor threatened him with a "less than perfect suspension". Back then he was running forums like this one and now I forget their names as it was long ago and most of them preceded CF. The threat and I think it was about detailed info on Ted Williams' case was perceived as so bad that someone actually told him that. So, he took down all his Network54 forums and now I'm told only puts one up for a couple of months or so at a time under a pseudonym.

I no longer see anything from this person who may still be an Alcor member for all I know, but the "Factor" may still be that anyone especially from Alcor may be under implied threat of intense personal bias from whatever standby and suspension teams provide service to same. It is no wonder that the typical Alcor member acts like a sheep! And that could easily include you, Melody, especially as to Kent/SA, and even now to Kent/Alcor. And I have heard that many of those folks wonder what your real agenda is - could be anything from "animal rights" to "anti-cryonics bio'ethics'".

I, on the other hand, might some day slide in under the radar screen. And maybe by then technology will be better cryonics-wise, but old grudges seldom fade. If you manage to keep fulminating as to needed improvements in cryonics, I wish you well, especially as to irrational resentment from some who would do that.

I hope that isn't TMI.



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