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Wowk does NOT mention "magnetic field"-- central to the issue

August 22 2009 at 5:54 PM
PhilO  (no login)

Response to Matt Sullivan's Cold Filter posts on this

quote from an owada freezer article

t works like a microwave oven but in reverse. Inside the freezer the object being frozen is zapped with a strong magnetic field and, Owada says, other kinds of energy. The field keeps the cream or beef's water molecules swirling in liquid form even as their temperature plummets. When the field is switched off, the object is instantly frozen, without time for the formation of ice crystals. These crystals normally rip apart organic cells, which degrades the texture and taste of food.

Wowk wrote

The Owada technology, as I understand it from reading the
patent and other documents (there is no scientific literature on
Owada's method last time I looked) is something very specific. He
applies RF energy to encourage supercooling
of material cooled below
the freezing point so that freezing occurs more suddenly and
completely at a lower temperature than it normally would

My comment....

This is an odd thing because wowk knows magnetism-- his wiki says...

He obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. His graduate studies included work in online portal imaging for radiotherapy at the Manitoba Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation (now Cancer Care Manitoba), and work on artifact reduction for functional magnetic resonance imaging at the National Research Council of Canada. His work in the latter field is cited by several text books, including Functional MRI[2] which includes an image he obtained of magnetic field changes inside the human body caused by respiration.

Me-- How could Wowk miss the whole point of OWada unless he's not really looking into it? Frankly, he seems dismissive. The articles available on Google are far more promising... and deserve more enthusiasm from Wowk. Wowk is being super-careful and erring on the side of conservatism in my view-- the tell tale sign being his neglect in speaking of the magnetism aspect of Owada's freezing method. At least wowk could express "conditional enthusiasm" over the novel approach... but again-- he has "too much to lose" in repuation if he's wrong. My advice to cryonicist, given Wowk's answer to Best-- ignore Wowk. Let's do our own legwork.

Owada's freezer works and its selling...

So far his privately held company, ABI, has sold 230 freezer systems to food processors, restaurants, hotels and hospitals in and outside Japan. Sales were $14 million last year. Agriculture and fisheries officials from around the world have been poking around his iceboxes, which cost between $100,000 and $3 million. In February Owada showed off his invention to Ireland's farm minister, Mary Coughlan. "I fed her defrosted shrimp, tuna, squid and sea bream. She said it tasted like fresh," says Owada.

Me-- now how in the world is this contraption going to sell THAT well, if it doesn't work? wowk makes no referrence. Remember, Wowk compares cryonics to a heart transplant. In my view, Wowk is over-rated in cryonics and we ought to get beyond him. Owada freezing deservers FAR FAR FAR more attention than Wowk indicates... and that ASAP.

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