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Comments onQuotes from the TRO against Larry Johnson:

October 7 2009 at 6:45 AM
Melody Maxim  (Login melmax)
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Response to Alcor Granted TRO against Larry Johnson >>>

"...forbidding disclosure of any confidential information which is not already contained in his inflammatory and misguided book entitled, Frozen: My Journey into the World of Cryonics."

That doesn't cover much, he can talk about what's in the book, all he wants.

"It was also admitted at the hearing that Vanguard Press shipped copies of the book despite knowing there was a July 7, 2009 judgment entered in Maricopa County, Arizona against Mr. Johnson, forbidding disclosure of any confidential or illegally obtained information about Alcor, its members or its operations..."

Guess what? It's not against the law to audiotape people, without their knowledge, in Arizona.

"Upon receiving the Courts Order, Alcor legal counsel, Clifford A. Wolff..."

Now THAT's interesting. Mr. Wolff represents Life Extension Foundation, in Florida. That's right, he works for Bill and Saul.

"Unfortunately, his actions seem motivated by nothing more than desire for his own personal gain."

I don't think so, mostly because I understand his motivations. As another medical professional who has worked in cryonics, I have the very same opinion of the nearly-total lack of competency and professionalism, in cryonics.

"Merkle said that Johnsons main area of responsibility during his tenure at Alcor in 2003 was the supervision of the cryopreservation of Alcor members. According to Merkle, Johnson expressed none of his lurid and sensationalistic concerns during his employment -- when preventing and correcting any such alleged mistakes would have been a major part of his duties."

Merkle might believe Johnson had the power to correct these behaviors, while he was at Alcor, but I don't believe that for a second. In spite of having been a "co-manager," of SA, I didn't have the power to change ANYTHING, and a "consultant" called was allowed to call and direct four of my six co-workers, (including my two "co-managers"). I, (a formally educated, perfusionist, with nearly a decade of experience), found it virtually impossible to make minor changes to the perfusion circuit, without a good fight, and that was my area of expertise!

"Ted Williams was cryopreserved with the care and scientific rigor that Alcor devotes to all its patients."

I'm sure that's true, (that Mr. Williams received the same quality of care provided, by Alcor, to most of their patients). (sarcasm)

"Mr. Johnsons claims are not only harmful to Alcor and its members..."

After reading their case reports, and hearing stories from cryonics insiders, (while I was working at SA), I think Alcor is "harmful to Alcor and its members."

"...but also violate the privacy rights of the Williams family..."

Alcor didn't "violate the privacy rights of the Williams family, when they allowed a crowd of bystanders to take photos of themselves with Ted's body?

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