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What is becoming increasingly obvious re: Melody Maxim

October 22 2009 at 12:26 PM
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Response to What is (should be) obvious...

Luke says "When Melody goes out on a public forum and attacks the only providers of stabilization that currently exist, she is unfortunately tarring all of cryonics with the same brush."

I asked in this post, shortly before the thread got locked:

..."Mathew provides a solution to the "professionals sitting around doing nothing waiting for months for a cryonics case to appear" problem. If Melody doesn't like his, WHAT IS HER SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM?"

Now in reply she starts a thread accusing me of "badgering" and presenting a totally unworkable plan for a standby/stabilization/transport facility: "Was not one of my very first posts an outline of how I thought SA should be revised...one, or two, competent, knowledgable persons working fulltime, coordinating standby teams of professionals from a small facility, rather than six-to-eight laymen twiddling their thumbs..." How long are the "one or two" competent people going to sit twiddling THEIR thumbs waiting months for the next service call? Before they get bored to death and quit? The RUPs will play games on their computers or tinker in the workshop to pass the time. What does the med pro with a brain do, sit and read medical literature for 40 hours a week??

Besides, there will always be a Larry Johnson (or Melody Maxim) to have something twisted to say about cryonics, no matter how good it is. That became evident with Melody when she objected to the idea of cryonics being done at a clinic where professional medical people work fulltime. She has always been the one to demand medical professionals in cryonics. Now that someone gets down to the brass tacks on how to do it, she says "you can't do that - Larry Johnson will object!"

My conclusion: If Melody doesn't want RUPs doing cryonics, and now is trying to persuade us that intelligent medical professionals will sit on their butts for months in waiting mode, then she does not want cryonics being done at all. Simple logic. And more of her true agenda is beginning to surface. Anything she has to publish from here on out should be viewed with a high degree of skepticism.


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