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Why Melody Is Not a Credible Person

October 23 2009 at 1:44 AM
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Response to And, furthermore...

Melody did not even attempt to restate my position in the manner in which it was obviously intended. I'm not going to insult her intelligence by asserting that she is too stupid to have understood it. I believe she misrepresented me deliberately.

In saying that there would be no need for the public to be aware of cryonics activity being done in a medical facility, I did not mean it should be deliberately concealed. The context of my remark was that it should not be prominently displayed as part of the business activity that the usual customer of the facility's main purpose, sees. For example, the name on the outside would not read "Dr. Drill's Dental and Cryonic Clinic". There would be no need to focus on the cryonics activity, as it would not be part of direct retail service at such a location anyway. In fact, it would best be done under a separate company that some of the employees are contracted to, with possibly no operations at all physically located at the functioning Clinic. Whether it would become a public issue or not, because there's always a newspaper reporter looking for a story, had nothing to do with why I made the remark.

The "back room" I referred to was in response to Melody's question on where the staff might get their practice/refresher training on cryonics procedures. Obviously it should not be done in a room right next to the dentist's chair. Or maybe it would have to be done in the Faloonmobile, because certain people just love to sensationalize stuff, make phone calls, mail letters, etc. What can I say.

Also, it ought to be obvious to anyone that anything related to what I said above is in the "brainstorming" category here. I was not making any definitive statement about what should and must be done (such as I have, for example, about replacing Alcor's Board with an elected one). Anything resembling Mathew's idea would need a thorough business study and plan worked out, legal aspects researched, etc. before going forward with it, lest it face certain doom.


P.S. I proffer my apology for appearing to stab at Melody's credibility in the Message Title above. Her having stabbed at my "grip on rationality" and accusing me of "insane" writings deserved a retort, is all. Besides, apart from misrepresenting my position, she seems to be fairly truthful. At least she did not deny having mailed off that stack of letters.

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