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Is FD Committing Libel?

October 25 2009 at 9:18 AM
Melody Maxim  (Login melmax)
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Response to I wasn't there either, but ...

1. It's easy to prove people have lied on behalf of Alcor, on a number of occasions. On the other hand, I think FD continually calling Johnson "a liar," and his book "fiction," may constitute libel. Maybe his attorneys will subpoena the moderator for the login info, and we'll find out who FD is, once and for all. One thing is certain, I no longer believe FD is the independent, wannabe cryonicist, he has previously claimed to be. It's easy to see he has a lot more than that invested in Alcor. (Is that you, Joe?)

2. Again, FD is calling Johnson a liar, without evidence of fictionalization. He may not believe Johnson, but I don't believe Alcor's denials of exposing patients to inappropriate patient care, or equipment, I think they are lying.

3. As TWrlated points out, Johnson has Alcor COO Charles Platt, on tape, stating the Cryostar is "not a reliable piece of equipment," in his opinion.http://frozenbook.com/audio-7.php According to the book, he also has tapes of Platt stating, "The deal we had with Twenty-First Century is we're not actually supposed to use that to put any human heads in it because they never really had time to test it very much." Alcor appears to be lying, yet again, unless they want to maintain that their COO at the time was a "misinformed" individual.

4. See 3.

5. Been there, done that. It's a ball peen hammer in that photo, not a "medical mallet."

6. Either the patient's nurse, (IF the caller was the patient's nurse), who said the patient died in his bedroom, lied to Nightline, or Alcor lied in their case report that clearly describes a makeshift operating room in a garage, just as Johnson wrote.http://www.alcor.org/Library/html/casereport9205.html I can't imagine why the tapes could not be verified, and I believe it is legal to audiotape people, without them knowing it, in Arizona. I think Johnson should bring a civil suit against Alcor. As to Alcor's promises of "internal corrections," I believe it when I see it.

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