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Re: Dr. Harris, Please Describe the Johnson’s Violation of his CCR NDA

November 13 2009 at 1:25 AM
Steve Harris  (Login StevenHarris)
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Response to Dr. Harris, Please Describe the Johnson’s Violation of his CCR NDA

George (Login George1st)
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Posted Nov 12, 2009 10:49 PM

I do not know if Steve Harris did read the Johnson's book, but his posting would indicate otherwise. Johnson describes his CCR visit on page 92. It was described as a very short visit. So short that during it, Harris was able to anesthetize and kill one German shepherd, after which Johnson became disgusted and immediately left. Incidently, Johnson was there with Charles Platt, not Todd Huffman. I do not see anything in the visit description, that would be considered by CCR to be non-disclosable (with the possible exception of Harris killing that dog). Further, according to the book, it was only an incidental stop on the way to see Saul Kent. Perhaps Steve Harris would enlighten us, what exactly in the book violated the claimed Johnsons CCR NDA.

Answer from Harris:

In fact, Johnson visited CCR that day with both Charles Platt AND Todd Huffman (Todd came by a separate route). Johnson actually says elsewhere (I don't have the book at hand, but look in the index) that this trip to CCR was where he first met Todd Huffman. That is correct (one of the few facts he got right). He forgets to say that the "visit" was a well-planned training trip for Todd Huffman and him to learn surgical techniques for femoral cannulation, as Alcor transport team personnel. They were to do this on a dog who was being euthanized as part of the lavage series of experiments (we allowed some surgical training just before the anesthetized animal's heart was stopped).

Howevr, if you read the book, it sounds rather as though Johnson was just passing through, and I goulishly offered him a surprise dog-murder. Surprise. Wrong. I have his emails to Charles about the visit. He knew exactly what he was going for, and what he'd be doing.

Mr. Johnson performed femoral canulation surgery on one side of the anesthetized animal, and Mr. Huffman on the other, under my supervision. Incidentally, Todd did a better job. Johnson cut some small arteries, according to our notes, but we got him back on track. Yes, I know this doesn't sound like ANYTHING the man has been saying publically. Not my problem. You just have to decide who is giving you the straight data. I have the documents and I have all the witnesses (three from CCR plus Todd, who remembers the day well, since he doesn't get to practice surgery much). Then the dog was euthanized (in contradiction to Johnson's description) with preservative formalin (not anything resembling what Alcor uses on patients). The heart stopped and that was it. All our euthanasias are under deep anesthesia and involve no more pain (probably less) than anything that happens at a vet or animal shelter. Our USDA protocol requires this.

Johnson hints that he'd had some training on cryonics procedures when he describes his role in a washout/perfusion of a cryonics patient at CCR sometime later. There is a hint that his "assistance" was important, though he only allows the reader to infer. Actually, we didn't let him assist on the cut-down on the human cryopreservation. According to our notes (again, we take lots of notes) he assisted on administering drugs. Paramedics don't learn to do femoral bypass or canulation in their training. Do you think they do??

Our NDA is extremely comprehensive and prohibits visitors to our lab who sign it, to discuss ANYTHING that goes on inside. Period. Forever. Johnson signed it. The date matches our notes for the experiment and the dates on the photos of the organ specimens taken that day (we use date-experiment-number-tags placed on specimens to date experimental photos).

Steve Harris

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