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"Nobody at SA, 21CM, or CCR...hopes to make money...?????

November 13 2009 at 9:06 AM
Melody Maxim  (Login melmax)
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Response to Re: Wow you mean Larry now has a competitor?!

Harris: "Nobody at SA, 21CM, or CCR realistically hopes to make money off cryonics."

Bull. Plenty of people at SA, 21CM and CCR make money off cryonics...like, Harris and his family members, Platt, Baldwin and the RUP's, and others, all for not accomplishing very much, in my opinion. An unusually high percentage of mostly-unqualified persons are receiving salary and benefits packages worth six figures, in cryonics, and make no mistake, they plan to keep it that way, even if it comes at the price of progress.

As for "properly done cryonics," there is no amount of money that could buy that, at the moment. Since the cryonics organizations are using toxic vitrification solutions, and have no outcomes by which to adjust their protocols, there is little hope for improvement past a certain point. On the other hand, if by "properly done cryonics," Harris means competently performed cannulations and perfusion, (procedures that are successfully performed hundreds of times, each day, all around the world, in conventional medicine...and which I have been fighting for, in cryonics, for three years, now), Kent/LEF and Alcor could have that, for half of what they are spending, if they would hire the right people. The typical heart surgery, which involves those procedures, and a lot more, costs less than one-third of what an Alcor cryopreservation costs, and often less than half of the $60K SA flat rate.

(Here's where someone making a lot of money, via LEF, whines about medical professionals not wanting to work in cryonics, which is nonsense designed to maintain the status quo, in my opinion. There are plenty of competent persons, who would work in cryonics, if it weren't for all the corruption, incompetence, unethical behavior and scandal. If I hadn't had to fight about every little change I wanted to make to a perfusion circuit, (with people who didn't know beans about perfusion), and waste most of my time on the political games that were being played, at SA, I would probably still be there. Get rid of all the kooks and malicious opportunists, and medical professionals would be glad to have jobs that pay as much, or more, than they earn in conventional medicine, but are much less demanding, in regard to caseloads and numbers of call-outs.)

Harris: "Alcor has never turned a profit on cryonics."

Alcor and Suspended Animation seem to have wasted most of their time and money building equipment that already existed in forms that could have been used "off the shelf," or with minor modifications; some rather questionable "research; and a substantial payroll for people who don't know much about femoral cannulations, or perfusion, the two procedures they need most, in order to deliver the washout and vitrification solutions. Then, there's the matter of Alcor's no-doubt insane legal expenditures, on things like trying to disinter someone who has been dead and buried for many months, and attempting to discredit someone who has a truckload of evidence to backup the criticisms he has made of them.

Harris: "To the extent that CI has upgraded its last few suspentions, the money has been donated to them from organizations seeking practice."

WHAT??? A Cryonics Institute member writes to me, asking if Harris is stating that CI "donated" some of their members to Suspended Animation, so the RUP's could "practice," in exchange for financial donations from LEF, or the LEF-funded organizations. Is he? And, Harris has the nerve to call what happened to peopole like CI-81 and Mr. Henderson an "upgrade"??? That stinks. SA is a joke, and Ben should be ashamed of himself.

As for Kent...personally, I think Saul Kent wants to "live to see another day...decade, century...and to revive his mother, whom he is said to have adored. Unfortunately, I think he went about it entirely the wrong way, and that a lot of people have taken advantage of his generosity and hopes for the future.

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