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More Self-serving Propaganda?

November 15 2009 at 9:21 AM
Melody Maxim  (Login melmax)
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Response to Re: The Cost of Competent Care Providers

Harris: "Since some of the failure of CI-95's washout (which was, in the end, unsatisfactory) was due to the mortician on the scene, who did no better than Catherine had (I'll let you figure out why, from the report; some of it is more obvious than other parts, but far be it from me to spoil your fun)."

I would think that someone with a good knowledge of vascular anatomy, (such as an embalmer), would be easier to train than, oh say, a shoe salesman, in the art of femoral cannulation. If an embalmer won't do, go for a retired vascular surgeon, or a retired physician assistant (PA) with CV experience. Please don't tell me a well-funded organization, such as SA cannot find ONE skilled person to lie on the beach, (or sit at his desk, playing on the Internet all day, as some of the RUP's were prone to doing), waiting to be called out a handful of times a year, for a salary such as Baldwin's. It sounds like semi-retirement heaven, to me.

When I was at SA, I saw no evidence that anyone had ever even tried to recruit someone capable of performing femoral cannulations, or perfusion. (I only came to be there, by accident, not because they were looking for a perfusionist.) Have they tried to hire any skilled persons, since I left, or are they still singing the "real medical professionals won't play with us" song? Or, are they worried six unskilled people won't be able to get in 240 highly-paid man hours, a week, (on some rather ridiculous activities), if professionals were hired?

Then, there's the issue Mr. Ettinger, and I, have brought up...that it may be illegal in many states, for people who are not properly licensed in that state to inject, or make an incison into, a dead person. This is something that should be addressed, even in the event medical professionals are brought in, since even a cardiovascular surgeon might be breaking the law in some states, by performing a femoral cannulation, for cryonics purposes. Or, is SA going to run around, doing whatever they want, taking the risk that cryonics will be shut down, or regulated, due to their total lack of consideration for the law? I believe this cavalier attitude is traditional, in cryonics, and that it will probably bring about the demise of the cryonics industry.

Harris: "So far as I can tell, no mortuarial person (from lofty funeral director to lowly embalmer) has yet succeeded in placing a venous cannula in a cryonics patient suitable for full body washout."

How many have been allowed to try? Or, has there been a preference for attempting to train laymen? Personally, I think certain people in cryonics feel threatened by professionals, who know what they are doing. They seem to have a preference for ignorant people, because there's little chance of laymen criticizing their "medical" protocols and procedures.

Harris: "The embalmer doesn't care about venous pressure in the same way a cryonicist does,.."

Does an embalmer care about venous pressure the same way a golf pro and two metal fabricators, (all non-cryonicists), do? Because that's whom SA sent to take care of CI-81, and if I hadn't been around to bitch about it, those same people would have probably been sent to take care of all subsequent patients, without even so much as a weekend perfusion training session, at CCR! (Sarcasm...I'm not endorsing weekend perfusion-training seminars, for laymen...it was a dumb idea, and it made all involved look foolish.)

Harris: "What's the use of pigs? Not only for practice in perfusion! They're also for practice in access. Are they perfect as a cryonics model? No. It turns out nothing is, but fresh human cadavers. However, we do what we can. Dog arteries and veins are easier than human ones, but again, they're still good training."

I'm sorry, but it's just plain stupid to be training laymen to perform these procedures, in my honest opinion. I don't know, nor care, if Harris has "more experience at field perfusion in cryonics" than anyone else. Even if he does, that wouldn't mean he was good at it, or that he should be attempting to teach layman to do those procedures.

Harris: "Meanwhile, feel free to profit from the experience of the person who has the most experience at field perfusion in cryonics, which I guess would be me. It would be a first if you did, but one can always hope."

Maybe we both could have profited from each other's experience, if Harris hadn't let his "friend" derail that train, with nothing but lies designed to discredit a medical professional who criticized some rather foolish projects at SA. I am a person who would truly love to see some serious improvements, in the way of patient care providers, in cryonics. If Harris and his peers, in cryonics, are doing such a bang-up job, why have most cryonics patients been subjected to people botched cannulations, inappropriate pressures, macro-air embolism, and god knows what other atrocities? That plan for training laymen doesn't seem to be working out to well, if you ask me. It would be nice if someone, like Harris, would endorse a new approach. Harris can come here, all he wants, appearing to make semi-rational arguments against the hiring of medical professionals, in cryonics, but the truth is, some people in cryonics find medical professionals to be quite threatening, and I don't think anyone, currently working in cryonics, has made an honest effort to hire skilled people, because of that. Harris wants everyone to believe hiring medical professionals, in cryonics, is logistically impossible, but that's simply not true. I was willing to work in cryonics, and others would be, too, if it were not for the unethical behaviors of some who are in positions of power.

***Edit Note: I wrote the above post, before noting Dr. Harris' apology. With that said, I'm not going to change the content of my post. Hopefully, Dr. Harris and I will be able to "meet in the middle" of our differences of opinion, at some point not too far in the future.

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