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I stumbled upon this while wading through the swamp (of recent posts)

February 27 2010 at 11:07 PM
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Melody in [ ]

[One of my first observations, after stumbling into the field of cryonics, was that people should be working toward statutory changes that would optimize cryopreservation attempts.]

That was an observation of nothing, and entirely an opinion Melody derived.

[Many times, I've put forth that the ideal situation would be one in which legalized assisted suicide for terminal patients signed up for cryopreservation was carried out, via perfusion. They would be anesthetized and then cooled, just as patients are, in the initial steps of heart surgery.]

That is certainly an interesting idea, and probably one which has occurred to most people interested in cryonics, so she is not alone. Also, this is the first time I remember her ever "put(ting) forth" this idea. Considering her other posts of late, I fear this may be a trap. The reality is that cryonics is far from being respected enough as an alpha-level "science" to be performed in a medical environment which could go directly from legal assisted suicide to cryopreservation procedures. The further reality is that at this point in time, considering the general public ignorance on cryonics and a seemingly growing anticryonic movement (mentioned by Melody where she says [People are getting ready to challenge cryonics protocols and personnel] in her "Nonsense" post), to advocate such a stance would be tantamount to advocating the end of cryonics via legislative mania. Other posts from Melody of late give us reason to highly suspect where she really stands on "the end of cryonics". Oh, and also her heckler friend "Lgeorge".

[Fallout from my conventional medicine friends will probably follow this post, but they are more forgiving than the cryonics community. They allow me to straddle the fence, usually responding with laughter, rather than outrage.]

People with substantial medical credentials, rather than merely a bachelor's in perfusion, actually read here? WHY DON'T THEY POST?



PS to "Lgeorge": Go play with yourself; I will not play with you.

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