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July 4 2010 at 2:02 AM
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Your questions, for convenience and clarity, in brackets:

[FD, your offended because its all true?]

By "its" I guess you mean "all" that Melody Maxim said in the post above is "true"? If so, the answer is NO, though some is true. And I am not "offended" by much of anything at all. As an aside (but is actually the real point) I was pointing out how her post is entirely discouraging of discussion, having 7 different issues in it, some absurd nonetheless there. If anyone is here to discuss something, it is only common courtesy to do it one issue per post, so that anyone who might like to discuss, can discuss that one issue. She is obviously not here to discuss; rather to pontificate. In fact, she once herself said she was only about doing a political agenda regarding cryonics. Oh, and that this is supposed to be a discussion forum, not a "Melody Maxim's Forum to Take Cryonics Down". At least I thought it was.

[Or doesn't match your agenda?]

I am sorry if my puny little agenda to improve Alcor by trying to get it to have real "members" who can vote on things like who is on its Board of Directors, and for that Board to vow it will never again slap its fully-funded members in the face by taking on "celebrities" funded by an accounts receivable, does not rise to the level of something like Melody Maxim's campaign to regulate cryonics out of existence. I propose to improve things. She proposes to eliminate them.

[Or your really steve harris?]

I don't think so, last I checked, and I doubt he would enjoy being me. If you have not paid your dues and done your research, you have not found in the CI archives where Dr. Harris and I had a few words. We did, a few times. Having said that, I must say there's one more person added to the now long list of "who the he** is FD" and almost every figure in cryonics, now, is on that list. This amuses me greatly, as I am really only who I always said I am - a person outside the inner cliques of cryonics, who doesn't want to be in any such cliques, but is holding every cryonics organization up for view as to which to sign up with some years into the future when I decide it is needed. As to any present need for standby/stabilization etc I still have no confidence in any that is offered. Alcor is dependent on one person, and SA. SA has no published employees or contracted individuals to perform services, much less any qualifications they may have. As far as we know, there is nothing there.



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