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Lack of basic information

July 11 2010 at 1:51 AM
Charles Platt  (Login cplatt)
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Response to false advertising

Queensblade, there is no shortage of information on topics such as this if you just take the time to read.

Even CI patients who have not chosen to receive standby/stabilization service often receive heparin. Read the CI web site. And streptokinase is one of the first drugs to be administered by Suspended Animation or Alcor. I suggest you look it up. Then come back and lecture us some more about "If I order a hamburger, I expect the person behind the counter to know how to make one."

If I read scathing criticism, I expect it to be based on at least some understanding of the procedures.

As for vitrification, your statement is meaningless unless you quote the source material. Who or what are you disagreeing with? We are all aware that suboptimal preservation may occur in cryonics for numerous reasons, and the Alcor web site makes no secret of this.

Go thttp://www.alcor.org/problems.html

You will find the statement:

"Cryonics will not be comparable with mainstream medicine until our patients can be revived using contemporary technology, and we expect to wait for decades to see this vision fulfilled. Nevertheless, we have made important progress by introducing brain vitrification to improve patient tissue structure preservation."

The word here is "improve," not "perfect."

Vitrification can occur, but not necessarily uniformly. Do you find any claim that suggests otherwise? If so, state it.

You will also find this:

"...the outcome of our procedures will not be known definitively until decades or even a century from now. We have good reason to expect future technologies capable of repairing cellular damage in cryonics patients, but we feel equally certain that if a patient experiences very severe brain damage prior to cryopreservation, repairs may be delayed, may be incomplete, or may be impossible. The dividing line between these positive and negative outcomes cannot be established clearly at this time."

Did you get that? "Repairs may be impossible."

Incidentally I wrote the draft on which this section of the web site is based, and the inclusion of a section of the web site discussing problems associated with cryonics procedures was my idea. This is why I become annoyed when someone such as yourself suggests, without citing any sources, that cryonics organizations are involved in deceptive practices.

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