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July 19 2010 at 4:22 AM
Charles Platt  (Login cplatt)
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Response to bottom lline

I have seen some discussion about possible errors in Larry
Johnson's book. Below I am listing 69 statements in the book
which I believe are incorrect. I am ONLY listing statements
which relate to me personally. There are many other
statements that I queried as probable errors and submitted to
the attorney representing Alcor. Some of those issues are
important, but since they may yet come up in a defamation
suit, it would be inappropriate for me to give them advance
exposure here.

Many of the items in my list are trivial, but some of them
reflect misunderstandings of basic procedures in cryonics, a
muddled chronology, and a lack of diligence in checking
sources. I tend to doubt that these errors would have
appeared in a serious piece of documentary journalism that
was properly fact-checked. The reader may decide for himself
whether this means that other, more significant claims in the
book are trustworthy.


Page ix

"important cryobiological research I was promised during my
initial job interview" There is no way I would have promised
a middle-aged paramedic with no science background that he
would be expected to do research in cryobiology. The idea is

Page 7

Johnson quotes me as saying, "Alcor is a cold-temperature
research facility." I said no such thing. I'm not even sure
what this means.

Page 8

Johnson claims I summarized work at CCR. His summary is
inaccurate. I would not have said any of this.

Page 12

Johnson describes me as "sickly looking with sunken eyes and
a yellow discoloration of the skin." My liver function is
healthy. I have the pink-and-white complexion characteristic
of people with a Celtic heritage. I conjecture that the only
function of this statement may be to suggest that cryonicists
are somehow sick, defective, or macabre. Other descriptions
of people in the book seem to serve the same purpose.

Page 15

"Charles pointed him out ... Randall Robertson" (in a photo
in the Alcor lobby). I've never heard of Randall Robertson.

Page 15

Johnson says "I asked Charles what FM stood for" and says I
answered "Futureman." I could not have given that answer,
since I was unaware of this fact (if, indeed, it is a fact).

Page 16

"Charles started rattling off a list of what he claimed were
celebrity Alcor members." I may have mentioned one or two
people, but not the whole list, which includes people who
never joined Alcor, so far as I am aware.

Page 16

"Other cryonics organizations were jealous, he said, and
would love to get their hands on Alcor's secret formulas." I
never said this.

Page 16

Johnson has me saying that "the less outsiders knew about
what went on inside Alcor, the better." This is nonsense. I
have always advocated, and practiced, full disclosure.

Page 20/21

Johnson says he saw Vecuronium in a refrigerator when he
visited Alcor for his job interview. He implies that I knew
it was there. In fact I had no knowledge of the inventory in
Alcor's refrigerators, which predated my arrival and were not
relevant to my tasks.

Page 22

"He was, Charles smilingly said, a genius." I have never
referred to Mike Perry as a genius.

Page 23

"the CryoStar ... where patients' heads were sometimes stored
midway through the freezing process." I never said that,
because it's not true, and reflects a surprising ignorance of
Alcor procedures.

Page 23

"Charles explained ... the CryoStar was malfunctioning" I
didn't tell Johnson this during his initial visit to the
facility, because I didn't know anything about temperature
excursions of the CryoStar till much later.

Page 24

Johnson says I told him there were two heads in the CryoStar,
"One had been a close personal friend." I did not tell
Johnson this, because it was not true.

Page 24

"Charles went into great detail about the dewars." I did not.
I never knew most of the detail that Johnson supplies in this

Page 25

"The south wall was two feet thick." I never said that, and I
doubt that it's true.

Page 25

"he thought there was a monkey brain in there too." I never
said that. I never heard of such a thing.

Page 26

"They told me they admired the Branch Davidians." I doubt
that anyone said this during Johnson's job-interview visit.

Page 27/28

Johnson says he was shocked by the plan to issue name tags
with "organ recovery team" on them. This conversation did not
occur during his job interview. It occurred weeks or months

Page 29

"the trembling COO" I was not the COO at this time. And I
doubt that I was trembling.

Page 38

"He still had that cold and clammy handshake" In fact, as a
result of a slightly high thyroid, I have a slightly elevated
skin temperature.

Page 40

"The COO already has dibs on the broom closet" I was not COO
at this time.

Page 42

Johnson quotes me as saying, re Jerry Lemler, "Off to pick
lint from his navel..." I never said that or anything like
it, and I did not voice criticisms of Lemler until much

Page 42

"Charles would have been quick to admit that he was not much
good at physical labor." In fact, I used to work for a moving

Page 43

Johnson quotes me as making a snide comment about Hugh Hixon
"punching in" at 10am. There was no time clock at Alcor, and
I did not make any such remark.

Page 44

Johnson quotes me as saying that "Hugh here has degrees in
chemistry and biochemistry." I didn't say that, because I was
unaware of it (if it is true).

Page 44

Johnson quotes me as giving many more details about Hixon's
career. This is impossible, since I was unaware of the

Page 51

"Charles ... said I should ask Jerry about the time he
assisted in an exorcism." I never said that. I never knew
that Lemler ever did such a thing--if, indeed, he did.

Page 57

Johnson alleges that I was evasive and didn't know why Alcor
would stock an anesthetic drug. I am sure I told him why. A
search for "propofol" on the Alcor web site returns numerous
hits describing use of the drug during cases. There is no
mystery or conspiracy.

Page 60

"Charles had already told me ... Rick was a musician from
Canada." I did not say this, because I was unaware of it.

Page 82

Johnson describes me as carrying a "survival bag" in case of
"natural disaster or terrorist attack." This is nonsense. It
was either a computer bag or my Alcor overnight bag in case I
was called to a case.

Page 83

Johnson quotes me as saying that I carry a survival bag "in
case of earthquake, nuclear attack, chemical spill." The
quote is entirely fabricated.

Page 83

Johnson portrays me as saying I wanted him to take over from
me as COO, during our drive to California. This is
impossible. Email records show that Johnson and myself
planned to make the visit on February 21st, 2003. But I did
not acquire the title of COO until later, as reported in
Alcor News, dated March 23, 2003. I could not surrender my
title to Johnson, because I did not have it.

Page 87

Johnson quotes me as saying that Alcor director Michael
Riskin had appeared in "swingers' DVDs." I don't think I ever
said that, because I was unaware of this alleged fact. I
still don't know if it's true.

Page 90

Johnson quotes me as revealing some intimate details about
Mike Perry. I believe I have never said anything to anyone
about this, and I know relatively little about it--certainly
much less than Johnson has suggested. It is extremely
offensive to me that he would describe me talking casually
about this.

Page 94

"Charles told me that her name was Dixie." I believe Johnson
is referring to a dog named Franklin.

Page 97

"Charles implied that Darwin was responsible" for the death
of Dora Kent. This is not correct. The death of Dora Kent
preceded my involvement in cryonics. I have no first-hand
knowledge and prefer not to discuss the case.

Page 97

Johnson quotes me as saying that lethal concentrations of
barbiturates were found in Dora Kent's bone marrow. I could
not have said this. I have never heard of such a thing, and I
lack the medical knowledge to have imagined it. The rest of
this alleged conversation appears to be fabricated.


NOTE: Johnson apparently had not started taping anyone at
this point. He states that he regrets he did not get some of
my statements on tape. In fact, at this point in the book, I
believe that none of my alleged quotes are derived from any
tape, text, or other archival materials. I believe everything
that I am quoted as saying was derived from Johnson's memory
(at best).


Page 100

"a few weeks later ... we drove to ... a party celebrating
the first anniversary of an Alcor member's suspension." This
is multiply incorrect. The party was held during the same
visit that we made to the California lab--not a few weeks
later. It was a wake, not a party, and the person had died
relatively recently.

Page 100

"Charles took me to the touristy Third Street Promenade..."
Todd Huffman took Larry Johnson to this event. I was not

Page 108

Regarding an interview for a TV news show: "I became pretty
nervous with Charles staring at me the whole time to enforce
the party line." For the media interview which Johnson is
referring to, he was given the option to say whatever he
liked, or he could opt out completely. He asked me for advice
in doing an interview, and I simply told him to take his time
and think before answering questions.

Page 108

"There were quotes about the cost of suspension being a 'down
payment on resurrection'" I have a tape of the interview to
which Johnson is referring. There is no such quote.

Page 109

"at the time I felt like I had to play my part" Johnson
appeared to be an enthusiastic participant in the interview.

Page 113

"She was a very pleasant Asian lady about Charles's age." She
is actually 13 years younger.

Page 113

"He came to Alcor to raid the place for drugs" SARS was in
the news at this time, and I was interested in buying
antiviral medications as a precautionary measure. Alcor has
no such medications that I am aware of. I have no idea what
this anecdote is based on--if, indeed, it is based on

Page 114

"eager to get home with his new drugs" Johnson doesn't
specify what drugs I was taking from the facility. The only
related items I ever took from Alcor were vials for practice
sessions in drawing meds.

Page 114

Johnson quotes me as asking "What do we have at Alcor that
could boost my immune system?" So far as I know, nothing at
Alcor would fit this criteria. The idea of looking for immune
system boosters at a cryonics facility makes no sense to me.

Page 114

"I drove up to Charles's home ... with some of Alcor's
expired Solu-Medrol." Solu-Medrol is a corticosteroid, which
I would never take unless a doctor prescribed it. From RxMed
I find that it is given by injection. I am unable to give
injections and I know no one else locally who is qualified to
do so. Nor would I have asked Johnson to give me any
prescription drug. Nor do I have any memory of him driving to
my house.

Page 115

"locked up tight inside his house and wouldn't even let me
in." At no time did I keep myself "locked up tight." I have
no memory of Johnson ever coming to my house.

Page 115

Johnson suggests I refused to come to work unless he would
drive with me to Mexico to buy Ribavirin. This makes no
sense. He and I did go to Mexico for this purpose, but we
left from the Alcor facility. I was already at work.

Page 115

"I scared Charles senseless by taking us off the path to a
local bar." It was a joint decision and the bar was not off
the beaten path.

Page 115

"It was the kind of place tourists don't really go." I recall
that it was full of tourists.

Page 116

"after stuffing himself full of Ribavirin" I never took a
single dose of Ribavirin. It was a precautionary item that
remained in my refrigerator for the next two or three years.

Page 119

Johnson states that I screamed at him, regarding a cryonics
patient, "that man is not dead!" Johnson was well aware of
our outlook regarding death. I never needed to remind him
about it and never screamed at him.

Page 148

Johnson depicts me as discussing the blood-brain barrier with
him. I am unqualified to have such a discussion. I don't
believe it occurred. I believe Johnson is likely to have had
this conversation with Hugh Hixon, since the blood-brain
barrier is a favorite topic of Hixon's. I know almost nothing
about it.


(I am omitting the absurd conspiracy theories about Dave
Pizer. Someone else can deal with them.)


Page 151

"Cryonicists came from all over the United States ... to
attend my seminars." This is misleading. I ran a six-day
course for Alcor members and others, on every aspect of
cryonics. Johnson gave two instructional briefings during
those six days. No one came for "his seminars." They came for
the whole course.

Page 151

Johnson says he doesn't understand why he was asked to teach
intubation. "Charles couldn't figure it out either."
Intubation enables the stabilization team to ventilate the
patient's lungs during cardiopulmonary support. I find it
hard to believe that Johnson never knew this, or had
forgotten it. The statement that I "couldn't figure it out"
is ridiculous.

Page 153

"Charles told me that, sometimes, Pizer sat his followers
down ... and read his short stories to them." I never said
that. I am unaware that it ever happened. I don't think Dave
Pizer has any "followers." He runs a motel.

Page 163

"Charles and Joe Hovey told me that ... David sued for
wrongful termination." I never said this, because it is

Page 164

Johnson says that during job interviews, I "asked about
people's religion." This is misleading. My standard question
was, "Do you have any beliefs which could conflict with
cryopreservation?" I believe this is a legitimate and legal
question in an interview, since at no time did I ask what
someone's beliefs actually were.

Page 165

"Charles told me that he had Todd hired so he would one day
be able to replace Hugh." I don't believe I ever said that.

Page 168

"Charles said he ... was working the case without pay because
Leary was so famous...." That is incorrect. At the time, for
CryoCare Foundation, during a period of years, ALL of my
activities were unpaid.

Page 172

"When I asked Charles about Larry Flynt...." I doubt that I
ever said anything about Flynt, because I know almost nothing
about his signup or subsequent cancellation.

Photo caption

"Charles Platt told me the terrible truth--they needed it
somewhere easily accessible..." I never said this. It makes
no sense.


(I have many notes regarding inaccuracies in Johnson's
description of the Ted Williams case, where I was the staff
photographer. It would be inappropriate to list them here.
But it's a long list. Johnson himself of course was not
present during the Williams case, because he had not yet
joined Alcor.)


Page 204

"Charles later confided in me that Alcor received the
CryoStar as a gift from CCR" I never said this, because it is

Page 205

"Charles and I took another drive to Los Angeles..." I have
no memory of "another" drive to LA, and I doubt that it ever

Page 206

Johnson quotes me giving him information about the "Dentinger
case." At this time I had never heard of "Dentinger."

Page 212

"If what Charles had told me was true, Mike Darwin had killed
Dora Kent" I do not believe I ever said this.


NOTE: Johnson states that he was not taping this alleged
conversation. So, here again, quotes have been assigned to me
which do not appear to be supported by any kind of record.


Page 223

Johnson quotes me as saying "we want Ted's head in a place
where we have easy access to it in case we have to relocate
it." Again, Johnson admits that he failed to record me saying
that. In fact I never said it.

Page 224

"Charles said ... prepared to rush Ted's head out of the
building and stash it." Another statement I never made, in
support of a theory that makes no sense.

--Charles Platt


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