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I was thinking about it last night...

September 8 2010 at 11:14 AM
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Response to "One is no more right than the other."


What cryonics is really selling is the potential for an opportunity for additional life in the future providing as yet unknown people using as yet unknown processes, at some as yet unknown point in time are able to provide it to you..

Its friggen brilliant!

And don't worry about how we process you; those guys in the future can fix that; heck, they can fix anything!

I think they should be also offering various afterlife packages to not only comfort the frozen in their journey but provide for their every need once reanimated. You know, spa packages to firm up that pasty white flab, singles connections based on 80s new wave music, crash courses in history and culture to catch up on what's been missed through those centuries in limbo.

You know, like the ancient Egyptians... they were highly advanced for their time. Only science discoveries over centuries has shown they were maybe misguided...

Nothing wrong with selling the potential for an opportunity; the lottery does it every single day!

Yes, there is a lot of science attached to cryonics. And one can't argue with science can one?

What is life, and how is it created and how do you get it back once its gone? That's a big question: the answer has been pushed off to sometime in the future. Ok, faith, we can believe that the future will provide for our needs.

But I think the future might have their hands full with some other pressing issues. Overpopulation, climate change, mass migration, crop failure, famine, loss of land due to rising sea levels; exhaustion of cheap energy.

I think if cryonogists were really being proactive, they'd be filling those dewars with vitrified rib-eye steaks for the coming catastrophes.

Its as easy for me to believe (in fact, maybe easier) that I'm going to heaven to live at the right hand of Jesus after death than it is to believe that frozen corpses will again walk the earth.

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