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A factual correction (not by me)

December 24 2010 at 8:56 PM
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Response to Why Alcor Should Only Have 14 Members Left

Dr Brian Wowk, developer at 21st Century Medicine of its cryonics-specific Intermediate Temperature Storage unit, was quoted as having replied the following to Mike Darwin on the Cryonics Europe forum: [Actually the ITS unit you describe was quietly purchased, delivered, and put into service by Alcor in December, 2008, for neuropatients who had privately arranged for storage at intermediate temperatures.]

Dr Wowk recently emailed me the following and stated that I could publish it: [I should have said "who had ITS storage privately advocated by their family." Nobody ever arranged for it in advance themselves. Nobody has ever been given an opportunity to arrange for it in advance. There are no slots marked for anybody.]

Furthermore, Dr Wowk states he is "going to write an article in 2011 updating the status of ITS research at Alcor" for Alcor's Cryonics magazine, in which the long, complex story of how Alcor got its ITS unit and how it came to be partially populated, will be explained. I look forward to reading this article, now that Cryonics magazine is available on the web, timely, as it should be. Someone please give me a heads up when that article comes out, as after all these years I am not yet accustomed to going there and reading it.

I have a couple of further observations regarding Alcor "quietly" putting its ITS unit into use. In order to avoid the appearance of favoritism, in testing new technologies such as this, they are next to obligated to announce their intent, and to solicit volunteers from their membership who provide written applications for being considered for its use in their cryopreservations. Anything else virtually guarantees that those Alcor members who actually do not have their heads buried in the sand, will consider themselves as being discriminated against. Besides, such decisions should not be left to the next of kin on an ad hoc basis - I cannot imagine why Alcor would do it that way, since next of kin are so often in need of convincing that their dearly departed should even be cryopreserved at all (especially if there is money involved)!



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