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More actors signing on to Cryonics Movie

December 15 2011 at 11:42 PM

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Here are the actors that have signed on to be in the movie about Bob Nelson. It's getting very exciting! I really believe we're going to have a blockbuster on our hands.

Paul Rudd............... Bob Nelson
Kristen Wiig............ Bob's wife
Christopher Walken...... Bob Ettinger
Owen Wilson............. Joe Klockgether

I'm VERY excited about Christopher Walken. He's a great actor and one of my favorites.

I would like to address a concern that Bob Ettinger's son, David, brought up with Bob Nelson. Because of the cast, he was concerned that his father would be portrayed in a comedic light, as well as cryoniocs in general. Although how the charactor of Bob Ettinger will be portrayed is mostly up to the actor, I can't imagine Errol Morris (director) allowing him to be played disrespectfully. I've read the script, and Ettinger is shown as intelligent and skillful at presenting his theories. He does have a quirky little habbit of rearranging things within his reach, knick-knacks and such, but keep in mind that this is a movie and it has to be visually interresting. Also, if the portrayal of Ettinger seems in any way dierespectful, Bob will be the first one to step in nd ask that the approach be changed. I was more worried about how Joe Klockgether would take being played by Owen Wilson, but he didn't mind at all when Bob told him. Personally, I'd like them to bring back Vincent Price and Peter Lorie to play Nelson and Klockgether. :D

As for how cryonics is portrayed, the movie is more about Bob's experiences while he was leading the CSC. It will show Bob as being very passionate about cryonics, and it will present some good arguments for cryonics, so I see it as being overall positive. There will be some comedic scenes in the movie, but it will not be a comedy. At worst it could be considered a comedy-drama. The movie doesn't leave any of the people that were stored in the Chatsworth vault out, and serious consideration is given to Geneveive De La Poterie. Also, though we all know how the trial ended, the movie ends with a note of optimism and is very touching.

Bob recently got news that filming may start as early as this April.

PS: Sorry about my messy spelling. I can't spell worth a damn and my spell-checker isn't working.

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Mathew Sullivan
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Re: More actors signing on to Cryonics Movie

December 17 2011, 4:43 AM 

The only way for the cryonics community (to the extent there is a community) to fully appreciate the potential value of this subject would be to judge it from Many Worlds Theory wink.gif

No worries about spelling - the average dyslexic like myself already knows the English language is illogical. Someone must have been eating too many wild mushrooms back in the day when the rules were formulated happy.gif

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