ATI Radeon vs. PC Card = trouble??

by Oliver S. (Login oliver_s)


I'm not sure if anyone is still monitoring this forum, as it is now nearly ten years that these cards were phased out. Anyway, I come up with a question:

Has anyone of you run a PCI PC Card in a beige G3 under MacOS 8.6 or 9.2.2 with an ATI Radeon?

As I don't use the G3 anymore for playing and therefore I do not have any use for the 3dfx Voodoo3 card in my G3, I decided it might be a good idea to upgrade the machine graphics card wise to an ATI Radeon. I watched ebay an finally got me such a card this week. The Radeon is a 32 MB PCI Mac Edition card. As far as I remember this is the PCI card with the max performance.

The G3 meanwhile is upgraded with a G4/500 from Sonnet and the other 2 of the 3 PCI slots are filled with a FireWire/USB combo card and the 12" PC Card with the Cyrix CPU (to have this card running in a Mac different from the 4400, which it was exclusively intended for, I need to run "Wish I were" on the G3 to patch the Gestalt Id to that of a 4400). On different partitions of the IDE hard rive, I have Mac OS 8.1, 8.6 and 9.2.2. On a 4Gig SCSI hard drive, I have MacOS X 10.2.8. The RAM slots are filled with three 256 MB modules. So this machine is quite full.

Sadly, with the Radeon installed, the maching does not boot in neither in MacOS 9.2, nor in 8.6. (in the other variations of the OS, I did not install the drivers for the PC card (8.1) or it can't be run (10.2.8)) The system starts up, does its memory check, loads the extensions and the control panels. But when the system should show up the desktop, the menubar and the drives on the desktop, it gets stuck. Even the mouse pointer disappears.

I was able to trace the problem down to the PC card driver stuff (don't know if it's the extensions or the control panel) - when I disable these elements, the system starts fine.

Did anyone have a similar problem, and does anyon know where to get drivers for the Radeon, that can be run on a MacOS below 9?

Thanks for sharing your experience...

Oliver S.

Posted on Feb 1, 2009, 3:00 AM

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