No MPU401 via SoftMPU on any Apple Dos-Card Solution? Why?

by Drzeissler (Login drzeissler)


Hi, my goal is to reduce the amount retro-machines by searching for solutions to combine different machine types.
Therefore I startet to collect Macintosh-Systems which are Dos compatible.

For me it's essential that a Dos-Compatible Machine has VGA, Soundblaster and Midi-Support. More than 1000 Dos-Games
Support Midi via MT-32 or general midi, so getting MIDI to work in Dos is as essentiel as using VGA for me.

Beside very old Orange Solutions (386) there is no way to add a Midi-Card to the Mac for the "PC-Side", so the only
possible Solution left is using softmpu

I have to make a connection between the mac and the MT-32. This is easy for the mac-side. I use an Macintosh-Cable
connected to the modem-port. On the other side is a midi-manager with midi-output to the MT-32. I only have to put
the Midi-Driver and the Midi-Manager into the system-folder and make a restart.

After that I can use Midi-Sound in Macgames.

On the DosSide the "normal way" is to connect a joystick/midi cable on the joystick-port of the pc-sound-card in the mac.

Then I have to check where the Dos-Sound options are set to. The Performa 630 DOS has a build in SB16 with Adress 220 Irq5
The Midi connection is at 300. So softmpu has to be set the same way. I get an OK message when installing softmpu.

But no Dos-Game has ever put anything to the MT-32 this way. I simply hear nothing.

Softmpu has the option to route the signal to a COM-Output. So I have tested this to. I told the Dos-Card-Software to "emulate
PC COM1 via apple modem port. I can see that by this way, the mt-32 get's some informations, but the mt-32 sounds like
garbage this way. There is no real music output only some sort of "noise"

Can anyone help?


Posted on Aug 31, 2016, 8:23 AM

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