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This web forum is a site for the now defunct Apple MacDOScard. For three years, this existed as the MacDOScard mailing list but as more firewalls showed up and disallowed email into them - I feel that a web-based forum would be more appropriate. Hence the creation of this web site. Very soon, the MacDOScard mailing list will cease the exist. Current deadline for off-line is end September 1999.
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SummaryArt on Jun 25
 Re: SummaryHenry on Jun 26
  Re: SummaryAl on Jun 26
   Re: SummaryHenry on Jun 27
    Re: SummaryAl on Jun 27
I want to upgrade to 2.1.7....joseph on Jun 29
 1.6.4 first, and then 2.1.7Oliver S. on Jun 30
 Re: I want to upgrade to 2.1.7Al on Jun 30
  The challange is posted...joseph on Jul 1
   Dig into BIOSOliver S. on Jul 1
    OK now what...joseph on Jul 1
    Its ALL good...joseph on Jul 2
     Congrats!Oliver S. on Jul 2
Searching for Filesplitter for imacGregor on Jul 3
orangepc 620 and modemej on Jul 5
 Global Village Modem and Orange PC.Ken on Mar 17
Reply 7100 PDS upgrade possibilities?Dan on Jul 5
 Orig. posted by HenryLurker on Jul 6
 Re: Reply 7100 PDS upgrade possibilities?Henry on Jul 7
  Overdrive and 12" ReplyDan on Jul 7
   Re: Overdrive and 12" ReplyHenry on Jul 8
    my website:MadDog on Jul 9
linux on pc cards, any info?J Rollans on Jul 8
 Not to my knowledgeOliver S. on Jul 8
DOS 7" card blank spots for ICs ?MadDog on Jul 13
Reading Mac floppy discs with the PC cardDavid G. on Jul 14
 Re: Reading Mac floppy discs with the PC cardHenry on Jul 15
pc setup 2.1.7Allan on Jul 17
 Re: pc setup 2.1.7Henry on Jul 18
Help with PC applications on a MACSteve on Jul 22
 Re: Help with PC Applications on a MACAl on Jul 22

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