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This web forum is a site for the now defunct Apple MacDOScard. For three years, this existed as the MacDOScard mailing list but as more firewalls showed up and disallowed email into them - I feel that a web-based forum would be more appropriate. Hence the creation of this web site. Very soon, the MacDOScard mailing list will cease the exist. Current deadline for off-line is end September 1999.
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Apple 100Mhz Dos card in a B&W G3?Paul F. on Feb 10
 Re: Apple 100Mhz Dos card in a B&W G3?Henry on Feb 11
 Yup, you can make it workGeoffP on Feb 15
Apple 12 inch cards + option boardsJohn on Feb 11
 Apple 12 inch cardchen lung yu on Mar 8
 You still got them?Dave Smith on Jul 20
ISO Graeme OxleyMal Westcott on Feb 11
No Modem on PC side only (can't find Com)Larry on Feb 13
 Re: No Modem on PC side only ( can't find Com)Al on Feb 14
  Apple Talk set to remote onlyLarry on Feb 14
   Appletalk set to remote onlyAl on Feb 15
    OK here we go!Larry on Feb 16
Video RAMWolfgang on Feb 13
 Re: Video RAMHenry on Feb 14
  Availavility of Video DRAMAl on Feb 15
 Video memory for 12 inch PCJohn on Feb 14
Internet on Windows95Jeff H on Feb 14
 Re: Internet on Windows95Henry on Feb 14
  Re: Internet on Windows95Hermann Ertl on Feb 16
   Networks software for Windows '95Henry on Feb 16
experience with AMD K6-2/400 CPUJohn on Feb 15
Cable modentim on Feb 17
 UntitledTbg on Feb 18
  TCP/IP on PC CardsHenry on Feb 18
 cable modemtim on Feb 19
Apple PCI Card in G4/AGPJE on Feb 21
small FAQ updateOliver S. on Feb 24

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