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This web forum is a site for the now defunct Apple MacDOScard. For three years, this existed as the MacDOScard mailing list but as more firewalls showed up and disallowed email into them - I feel that a web-based forum would be more appropriate. Hence the creation of this web site. Very soon, the MacDOScard mailing list will cease the exist. Current deadline for off-line is end September 1999.
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Subject: 7300/180 PC Compatible connecting a LCD monitor??Randyy on Dec 11
 What card?Oliver S. on Dec 11
 Re: 7300/180 PC Compatible connecting a LCD monitor??Henry on Dec 18
486 Dx2 66 Mhz Card Macintosh Performa 6300CDRodney Hershkowitz on Dec 21
 Luilui on Feb 22
OPC 660 won't install on G4klaus on Jan 4
DOS in Card 6100/60Locutus on Jan 6
 Re: DOS in Card 6100/60Henry on Jan 7
PC setup 2.1.7f install failed...Lee McIntosh on Jan 24
Want a OrangePC 660N. Siu on Feb 24
 Want a OrangePC 660Nils Welsh on Feb 25
  Thanks!n.q.p. on Feb 25
Wanted: OrangePC 660n.q.p. on Feb 28
DOS Card(6100/66) Under MacOS 8.1Tomy Alarie on Mar 11
 Cables?Oliver S. on Mar 12
  Cables lookupTomy Alarie on Mar 12
   Details...Oliver S. on Mar 15
    Monitor CableTomy Alarie on Mar 16
     Cable!Oliver S. on Mar 16
     Monitor cable for 6100 with PDS PC boardgrego015 on Mar 19
     Finally some photosOliver S. on Apr 1
Connector pinoutRisto Suominen on Mar 17
 4 connector 6100 cable for use with pc comp cardgrego015 on Apr 13
128 MB on P166 CardMark Chapman on Apr 13
 128 MB stick on P166 boardgrego015 on Apr 16
  128 MB on P166 CardMark Chapman on Apr 17

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